The Void [TVoid]

We are The Void.


Victory, our way.


We have come to Star Conflict searching for a platform that caters to every part of us. We have been around for a couple years and bring a large group of players to join the competitive community here. We have been playing for two months now and I thought that it was time to announce our presence on these forums. I have been visiting many of you on your ts3 servers and I invite you to visit us on our mumble. Please let me know in-game before doing so. We are relatively new in Star Conflict and are still gearing up for sector conquest but you can look forward to seeing us in that theatre fighting for Jericho in the next month or two.


I will always be the leader of any in-game organization, in the SC corp I am the CEO. Our VP is Pilager and we have a few other officers but if you wish to contact us in-game please contact myself or Pilager if I am not online. 


Recruiting for The Void is presently  open. In addition to SC we also play ArmA 3 and are going to be starting a division in Space Engineers. If you are interested in a serious gaming community that seeks improvement of self and community then we welcome you to apply.


We are an english speaking and North America based corp, we do have a few members from the EU and Australia/NZ but not many. Please keep this in mind if you decide you would like to join as we are mainly active in the evening in NA timezones.


Carry on,



Welcome, we use Teamspeak if you ever want to hope on ours.

Welcome! HMU on steam for space engineers! Steam: thearcticzone

I’ll visit everyone at some point. I enjoy speaking to new people.

Hey I would really like to join your corps.


I’m working on the guard frigate line and am currently at the tier 3 guard frigate.


My IGN is thecomputernub


Let me know