The Vanguard [GU4RD]



Mission Statement

 The Vanguard is a cohesive unit of like-minded individuals.  We are dedicated to the pursuit and sharing of mutual knowledge toward the development and continued progress of each pilot within our unit as well as our unit as a whole.  

 Each Vanguard is a member of an elite family, handpicked for membership by demonstrating qualities that exemplify the Vanguard way.  Above all else, we expect each of our pilots to have fun.  If we are not enjoying ourselves, then we are missing the point.  Beyond that, we value loyalty to each other, and to the Vanguard Charter.    


 To become a Vanguard, you must have a Rank 4 ship, speak English, and receive an invitation from a Vanguard Officer.  Don’t know a Vanguard?  Just find one of us in-game or here on the forum and introduce yourself.  We’re always looking to meet possible recruits, and if you fly well, and meet the requirements of this Charter, you may receive an invitation to join.  Unsolicited in-game applications will be denied.
 Membership is not offered based solely on pilot rank.  We rely on various informal factors when selecting prospective members.  The following is a basic summary of what it takes to become a Vanguard:


  • Demonstrated proficiency during battle.
  • Ability to devise and execute strategy.
  • Familiarity with flight environments and scenarios.
  • Own at least one (1) Rank 4 ship.


  • Access to a working microphone.
  • Ability to speak and write clear English.
  • Willingness to assist others.
  • Respectful demeanor.


  • Healthy activity levels in-game.  Absence without notification for more than 7 days is automatic grounds for dismissal.
  • Participation in chat with other players.
  • Cooperate with squad mates and wingmen during combat scenarios.


  • Respectful to other players.
  • Easy going and laid back demeanor.
  • Willingness to cooperate with directed squad actions.
  • Helpful to other players when possible.

Vanguard Hierarchy

  • Chief Executive Officer - The CEO is the final authority in all Vanguard matters.  Any issues that may affect the unit must be addressed by the CEO.  In the CEO’s absence, authority falls to the Vice President.  
  • Vice President - The VP is the second in command, and speaks directly for the CEO.  In the absence of the CEO, command decisions fall to the authority of the VP.  
  • Guard Officer - Officers are the front line leaders of the Vanguard, and are responsible for the organization and effective maintenance of the unit’s combat readiness.
  • Guard - Guards are the pilots of the Vanguard, having been been awarded full membership for exemplifying the Vanguard way, each Guard has demonstrated their loyalty to the unit.
  • Patrolman - Patrolmen are the recruit pilots of the Vanguard, having been invited to join the unit for a brief probationary period before being awarded the rank of Guard.

Promotion through the ranks of the unit are based upon personal progress, demonstration of initiative, responsibility, and exemplary service to the Vanguard.  

Excessive inactivity, disrespect, or any other behavior which is deemed contrary to the Vanguard way, or in violation of this charter, may be grounds for dismissal from the unit.