The Trial Test Feature For All Ellydium Ships

I am proposing a new feature - the ‘Trial Test’ ability that lets you test any and all Ellydium ships, deployed on the official servers on your original account or profile.



1st part of the suggestion: (original)


The ‘Trial Test’ feature


General Rules:


  • The ‘Trial Test’ feature is activated from the Ellydium Ship Tree. There is an icon below each ship. Additional confirmation is required to enable this option.

  • The ‘Trial Test’ comes with all the equipment for all ranks, weapons and modules, etc. (all provided items are Mark 4 by default)



  • You must own a rank 5 Ellydium ship that you want to test.

  • You must have enough room in your Storage/Armory to use this feature. (all known items of all ranks will be added automatically for the selected ship)




  • To test an Ellydium ship, you need to pay with Galactic Standards - 1500 GS.

  • You can only ‘Trial Test’ one ship at a time.

  • ‘Trial Test’ lasts for 72 hours or 3 days.

  • ‘Trial Test’ cannot be canceled.

  • ‘Trial Test’ cannot be extended after expiration.

  • ‘Trial Test’ cooldown lasts for one week (7 days) (optional)

  • ‘Trial Test’ cannot be used again on the same ship that you just used (30 day cooldown period is required) (optional)

  • Your existing (evolved) ship will be locked during this time, making you unable to spend or unlock resources on upgrades in general.

  • All of your “original” Ellydium tree for the selected ship will be locked in general, but you will still be able to view the Ellydium ship’s interface

  • All of your “original” or currently related items will be locked during this time, making you unable to remove them during the ‘Test Trial’ period.

  • No changes or progress will be made to your “original” Ellydium ship in any way.

  • All your granted/researched equipment in your Storage/Armory will be taken away, once the ‘Trial Test’ expires.

  • You will be provided with only one item for each independent item/equipment for weapons and modules of all ranks.

  • You will be provided with a maximum of three items for each independent item/equipment of all ranks. (Engine / Capacitor / Shield / Hull / CPU)



  • All equipment of all ranks will be added (weapons, modules, missiles and (ammunition - 250 units by default)). (immediate access)

  • All existing nodes will be automatically unlocked (including all existing special nodes/modules) with the ‘Trial Test’ feature. (immediate access)

  • You can provide valuable feedback to the Community. (balancing)

  • Official, not Open-Beta Public “Bug Testing” by all that wish to participate and contribute to the game.

  • You can save yourself a lot of time and jump right into battle with the builds that you want to test.

  • There are no restrictions holding you back!

  • You can play in any game modes! (no pending restrictions of any kind & easy to use)

  • All provided “temporary” equipment/items comes with the Mark 4 level variants, including blueprint items. (no need to spend loyalty vouchers and credits)



2nd part of the suggestion: (optional)


Secondary (optional) suggestion:

Trading Economy - based on players’ trades

There could also be components/resources that you would need to assemble, just to be able to craft one such “ability” or “token” in order to use this feature in the Trading section.

Such items could be randomly provided from Iridium caches for 200 to 300 Iridium and traded among players.

When a player would get enough components/resources for such item or token - the ‘Test Trial’ token, he could sell it at a random GS price via Trading system.

Minimum price could be set at 500 GS in such case. This would, of course, disable simple and easy - fixed GS price described above. Only one method can be used at the same time.



Please, discuss!




Kind regards,



No paying for testing! Free test in test map with bots.

6 hours ago, AKmatiAK said:

No paying for testing! Free test in test map with bots.

Yup that how test work in most of the game, short and simple, no need to pay

7 hours ago, AKmatiAK said:

No paying for testing! Free test in test map with bots.


Isn’t this p2w?

No GS pay. Maybe a small amount of credits (100k max) but never gold. And testing should only allow users to fly in PvAi versus normal ships. (not this hellish coop we have now with aliens.)