The Secret Society Is Recruiting

I won’t be able to come on for 2-3 days due to exceeding my download limit, but I look forward to playing with you all when I can play again.

Maybe we should set up an aprox time to get on, i see 2 people playing but when i log on usually 6 hours after. just a  thought so we can all get together. not an issue of the corp just that were 7 poeple strong i think at the moment if we grow and get more structure the problem will probly fix its self.

Hey throw me an Invite , t2 Fed atm thinking about trying jerico 

Removed by me  :what:

Hi All !


Currently sitting at Level 4 and really getting into this game !



Looking to join a corp for more action ingame of course :slight_smile:


Let me know if i’m able to join.


Ingame: Taylz2100



i would be interested in joining my name is wildZguy i have a T2 ships and am L6

I’d like to join your corporation if possible. Game name is Duranged167.

can i join i have full list of teir 3 ships and have license i am on the same time also have a mice :stuck_out_tongue: empire rank 8 fedration rank 7 jericho rank 4

ship rateing 1258 totale matches 311 (ingame name lodizzle1)

Hi i will join the Secret Society because i like to play with other´s like-minded people.
I come from sweden and i am 38 years old, my present level in the game is; Federation level 8, and with the Jericho level 7.

I have TS3, i hope that I will be suitable for this group!!?.
My anv name is; _Maggis_ and the e-mail;

I might have a hand full of people who would be interested

Incudem is ingame name ;D

Hey i saw this corp and thought it would be cool to join it
My Star Conflict game name is vyusfirephoenix


Long time scifi fan, I’ve been playing off and on for about a month. I’m looking to join a corporation. My avatar is Lemulan

Hello my I.G.N is: xRpMx13, i’ve been playing for a few months and I have tier 3 ships.


please add, if i’m not on add me on steam: xyrov


also, my email is:

Uhm…shouldn’t you be doing your recruiting in some lavish back room smoking cigars?

i wanna join and my name is osama 

Hello, I am interested in joining your corp. Are you UK based? Asking as you say GMT time zone. Do you have voice coms? My in game name is Phil3822. I am at tier 2 in Empire, Fed and Jerry. Not the greatest player but still learning. Interested in knowing more.

hi, i’m interested in joining your corp. i’m lvl 4 with jericho, i have teir 3 and 4 ships my ign’s samygiy.

i am interested in joining. I have tier 2 ships and my in game name is the same as on here.

id like to sign up .   im under uncle big in the game and im up to t6


I’m a new pilot to the game, I’ve played air rivals and other pilot games, so I know what it takes. Wanting to join a corporation, hope to hear from you.