The Research feature should be available at any time, not just when lacking free Loyalty vouchers

Suggestion: (related to the Research option towards upgrading modules only)



The Research option to research modules from Mark 1-4 is using only available if a Player already spent all free Loyalty vouchers, not before.

This suggestion is all about having a choice. We can either spend your current free Loyalty Vouchers, or we can keep them, but get free Loyalty vouchers during battles instead.


So, I am asking for two things:

  • We should be able to slot a module even when having enough required Loyalty vouchers to upgrade it, not only spend free Loyalty vouchers on it.
  • We should be able to get free Loyalty vouchers from battles if the current module is still not fully upgraded, not only when slotted or equipped in the Research slot.


If you got any other ideas related to this suggestion, let me know.