the reaper harpoon weapon isn't viable

simply put, the harpoon cannon (or whatever it’s called, let’s say H.P.L. for reference sake) isn’t a useful weapon for the reaper, the reapers setup is meant for either shielding itself and allies, or pulling enemies to a point where you can easily kill them with its pulsar and advanced ram, and the H.P.L. isn’t good at either,

H.P.L. perks

-applies a 110mps impulse to enemies that it hits (this would be useful if it at least pulled them TOWARDS you)

-projectile speed isn’t as bad as it could be

-has an A.O.E. (Area Of Effect)

H.P.L. disadvantages

-underwhelming damage,

-mediocre range

-its rate of fire is more fitting for a weapon with the damage of a coil mortar

-heats up after 6 seconds, (this hurts even more because of the poor D.P.S.)


I recommend changing the weapon out for something more C.Q.C. oriented, or at least editing the weapon


weapon change ideas

-make the weapon pull enemies towards you (this is a must if the weapon is to be useful)

-reduce heating rate OR boost fire rate


alternative weapon idea

“harvester” plasma cannon

fires in a coil mortar pattern (one at a time)

fires 6 projectiles which have 500 range and create a radioactive cloud dealing em damage

this weapon fits the reapers C.Q.C. style, and the area denial tactics of a guard frigate

please tell me what you think

Well I can mention thing that’s wrong about this gun.

It pulls the enemy into random directions instead of towards you. Makes perfect sense.
If they fixed that I would be fine with it.

And regarding ‘viable’.
The very last statement that ever applies in this game is ‘everything is viable’ it should be yes, but it’s never been like that. There are just always items and weapons that no one should use because they underperform, such as most thermal weapons, mines on a recon or cruise missile. The ECM damage reduction active module or things like shield damage -> energy shield module.

Ellydium ships aren’t getting balanced, so expect no changes for older problems. At least in 2017… or never, who knows if they won’t make ellydium 2.0 in 2018 to keep the money tall.

2 hours ago, Chernoplot said:

Ellydium ships aren’t getting balanced

They are, to the point where they kill everything in 2 seconds instead of 1 ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

The phoenix and reaper were always those two cringy ships that just now got to be decent. They did a nice overhaul with them but for the time being there wont be much change revolving around their mechanics.