The New rating

It first displays everyone, then you can choose between, Top/My Position/ Friends.


I wanna see corp members rating. as i see pvp effectiveness decreases by 1 precent each hour. so i could see how active corp members has been.


Add Corporation. thats more usefull than just be able to see the top players, the list shows total of 66 000 members or something, if i need to find annyone that i dont have on my friend list because i dont have space then im not simply going to look between thousands of players, “very usefull indeed right?” (thats just a review and not trying to be offensive, finding ways to make it usefull, its just beta, and its always space for improvements. 


same with leaderboards on website that shows alot more information. but impossible to find annyone because there is no search tab

Well people, at least he improved his english somehow.


I think yes, there should be a way to filter that, or a search place to search someone. And also, make the pilots being shown clickable, so we can left-click them and see their pilots stats.