The N00b League [N00B] Welcome/vítejte/歡迎/kangei


This is a recently formed Corporation of Real “Noobss” with a few Pros. I am an experienced player and newly join StarConflict. 018.gif  Language is in English mostly. We are primarily a PvE and PvP corp.


Aim/want to be:

→ We just want to have casual fun messing shooting around for now. good.gif

→ & We aim to help  Noobss to become less N00b on our way messing around, hopefully let’s grow to be more pro.

Guarantee & Welcome to:

Welcome to Noobss , no matter how N00b / newbie you are!

Welcome to Heavy Grinders , let’s grind loots together! crazy.png

→ Not welcome to Game Hackers

→ Not welcome to Spammers(spam chat/spam reports etc) facepalm.png

→ Guarantee that I will answer your question/search an answer for you no matter how stupid it sounds.

→ Guarantee that we don’t use hack & don’t force you to do illegal stuffs that might lead to direct bans.

→ Guarantee that you will have easy & casual shootings if you prefer. bomber.gif

→ Guarantee that you will be well rewarded if you prefer to. crazy.png


Maximum Requirements for Noobss:(Not exceeding some of these numbers would be preferable.)

Trust & Respect the teamates of the Corporation no matter what.(Must)

Never troll/harass/Report/assault players in the Corporation whatever happens.(Must)

→ Intend to play relatively frequently(>Twice a week roughly).

→ Less than 3 Average kills in battle or Less than 5 Average assists in battle

→ Skill rating: Less than 1200

→ Registed date: Less than 60 days ago (Depends, not absolutely necessary)

→ Time in game/battle: Less than 10 days (Depends, not absolutely necessary)

→ Have/Create a Facebook/Steam/MSN/Skype or other social network ac for chat and communications. (Quite a Must, Steam/Skype would be easier to register/use & highly preferable )

If you cannot accept & agree the (Must)s, please move on facepalm.png


017.gifRequirements for Non-Noobss applicants:

→ Intend to play fairly frequently(>Thrice/Three days a week roughly).
Trust in the teamates of the Corporation no matter what.(Must)

Must Respect players in the Corporation.(Must)

Never troll/harass/Report/assault /etc players in the Corporation whatever happens.(Must)

→ Don’t Mind to play with and help N00bs.(Must)

→ Having/Creating a Steam/MSN/Skype social network ac would be nice.

If you cannot do the Musts, please move on & consider others


How to apply

Send me “NoobWings” a message through this forum or in-game mail telling me if you are newbies applicants, your player name and Steam name/MSN/Skype/other social network username and I will reply you & talk about it when you are online. Please make sure that you have read the requirements and agreed with the “Musts” conditions.



  1. Must Trust the teamates in the Corporation as much as you can.(Must)

  2. Must Respect players in the Corporation. Never troll/harass/Report/assault/etc players in our Corporation.(Must) If you cannot do these, please don’t join or leave on your own.

1a. You may troll/harass other people if you absolutely have to. However, please try not to do that in public chat channel or corps pages etc, since you may get banned for your action.

  1. Normal stuffs such as keep completing contracts, paying a little bit attention to the Corp chat channel and social network messages from me.(if any)

  2. If you are in a PvP squad, you MUST put ships of the the Same Tier in ALL of the ship slots.

3a. In PvP, Stay with the team & Protect the Frigates as much as you can. Use stuffs such as Quickly Press R twice to use All eyes on a target to coordinate with teamates better.

  1. If you don’t play the game for >28 days, you may get kicked while we are full. However, you are welcome to apply again when/if you come back.

4a. If you cannot or donot agree or obey rule 0 or rule 1, you will be warned & get kicked afterward. In this case, you won’t be accepted again.

This is the Corporation of the noobss, by the N00bs, for the N00bs! crazy.png  Noobsss and Friendly pilots, Join us and you will be rewarded! Join us now and you won’t be regreted!

We are nuts, we are noobss, we are on recruit!


Nice picture. You should turn you corp into an academy of sorts. Like lamp academy without lampshadious and better.

Good job with your Pro League [Pro]