The Murder of Crows [AMoC]

Pilots of the Precursor Sectors!


Are you an Empire pilot seeking to advance your political and military career? Are you a Federation pilot hoping to find new ways to ensure your independence? Are you a Jericho pilot hoping to find new technologies to bring fame to your family? Well, we don’t care who you are or why you’re here! Be you bandit, mercenary, criminal, general, or even a peasant (provided you have a space ship, of course), the Murder of Crows wants to bring you into our cabal of fighters!


We are here for two things: murder and money, and let’s face it - violence and money are the only _real _sources of power in this galaxy. So you want power, you come fly with the Crows. As we rise in number, our wings will blot out the sun!


If you’re interested in flying under our black-winged banner send requests to join at ESS or finagle67. Remember, in game whispers and friend requests are case sensitive! Alternatively, just reply in this thread and I will try and track you down. 

yeah my handle in game is chemical1. Fairly active and looking to try out a corp to see what it does.

Hello hello! My in-game name is DrCatrain. I’m a Jericho Techs pilot, primarily using Frigates. Things’ve been going well so far and I’m looking for a group to fly with.