The little things are the most important! A few simple tweak ideas.

First off, The core game play is fantastic. Its simplicity is its biggest strength. I haven’t had this much fun in a space ship since freelancer! My first and biggest suggestion is DON’T MESS WITH IT!


These really are TINY issues, to the point where i feel like they might just be menu options i’ve overlooked! I’ll admit i’m new to the game so that might well be the case but so far i have searched and come up empty. Here’s what’s bugging me.

Squads. There is no ‘ready up’ button for squaddies. Let’s say I’m squad leader. I have to ask everyone in Squad chat if they’re ready to go before i click fight and get rejected by someone who’s still buying some new toys or whatever. Such a hassle and all it takes would be for the fight button to but a ‘ready to fight’ indicator in the squad box next to whichever player clicked it.

Selecting ships in the repawn menu in arcade. For some reason, it ALWAYS selects the ship in the 1st slot. I like to play around and use different ships, maybe my fighter is working better for me in this match than my favored interceptor but that 'ceptor just so happens to be in slot 1. When the respawn menu hits, i find myself checking out the state of play in the real time map view and giving squaddies intel from this over skype. I just DON’T think about making sure i have the right ship selected and i kind of don’t think i should have to. Just making this so that it keeps your current ship selected is just removing one more click. The mantra of the less clicks the better is one i stand by firmly!  

I saw someone already mentioned HUD customization which i don’t know how hard it would be to impliment but i would REALLY like to see. at the very least, scaling the icons, capture point displays and all that. they are SO TINY at the moment!

Finally, an easier way to differentiate ship classes in combat. Different shaped icons instead of all red boxes would be great!

Thats all for now. :slight_smile: