The Inertia system is totally no make sense.

Maybe you should get better projectile speeds for your ships, or switch to a laser weapon.


That will get you out of more ‘dogfights’.


Also added range will also…

I know this sounds strange, but as a coder, I can tell you that implementing controls the “real way” is actually waaay easier to do.


So it is definitely a design decision, as Error noted.


To make a comparison, there is another game on Steam, which lets you build spaceships, and works with real inertia in a physics system. Still, the standard implementation actually stabilizes your inertia, because otherwise, you will spend more time trying to adjust your speed to stop a certain movement, than actually do the rotating, aiming and fighting part. But you can try it very well there, how fights are if you turn inertia off (especially, since thrusters need power, so saving fuel by switching off the inertial stabilizer is part of their game mechanic)


Having the ability, to flyby, shoot to the side, while keeping your inertia sounds cool, but it creates a lot of problems, if people are drifting out of bounds.


Interceptor dogfights are far from decided by boringness. They are high adrenaline moments, and usually, people break away because they are exhausted, not because of boredom. (except both ceptors have healing nearby which can make a fight a bit too long)


The only problem I see is sometimes the ping. Low ping makes this gameplay a lot more satisfying, while dogfighting a ship with high ping is certainly an art in itself. I suggest to master laser weapons, gravibeamers, or alpha weapons like positron or gauss, if you want to have the option, to stop such a mosquito around you.

We did try some different handlings and the current one is the most preferred by players. Not a bug, just the most pleasent handling.


Sad then, i wish inertia applied at least a bit when turning. The game could still handle it for us until it overcome our side thruster’s power… I really miss Wing Commander’s “Afterburner Slide” or being able to do 180 degrees and shoot who is tailing me.