The incorporation of players to skirmishes (PvP - PvP) already started a few minutes ago.

Lately, very often, the skirmish game (PvP-PvP) incorporates players in both teams mid-battle, even at the last minute. When these players join, the skirmish already has a clear dynamic that it is very difficult for one or two players to vary, if you enter the team that is winning, you will win; if you enter the team that is losing, you will lose.
If the algorithms of the game were balanced, the players would enter skirmishes initiated sometimes in teams that are winning and sometimes in teams that are losing but this would not affect the players if the same number of times were entered in one case than in another; But this is not so. My personal experience leads me to say that if I enter a battle that has already begun, in most cases, it includes me in the team that is losing, there will be other players who are in the opposite situation and they will be able to win without just playing , but in both cases the arbitrariness generated by the algorithms of the game is evident, which will decide your fate in these circumstances.
For all this I suggest to the developers of the game that skirmishes (PvP-PvP) do not vary the number of players who started the mid-skirmish match.
You pilots, what do you think about all this …
Greetings and see you in the stars