The idea of engines

What about update your engines. When you turn off your engine and turn right your ship will turn right but your axis of direction will turn right too. Your ship should go in direction when your engines were last time turned on i mean engines at the end of ship, primary engines that push the ship forward, i dont think rotary engines. Do you know what this mean ? Your ship can go in direction to point A with max 700 speed and can rotate in another direction and still fly with 700 speed to point A. You can fire everywhere around and still fly to the some point A. This is new mode of playing. 100% like universe. Sorry for bad english. What do you think about this information ?

Not really good, considering how the ships have directional impulse rockets to adjust pitch/roll/yaw. That’s how the ships continue turning even though your engines are off.


If you want to fly to a point while shooting at another point, use free aim.

this central axis turning is part of the game’s physics thanks to a rather old invention from the guys who were involved with making rockets that can reach the moon, amongst other things:

Attitude-Control Rockets.

I mean. The ship can be rotated to all directions. Your entire ship can be rotated to all directions and still fly to the one point. No debate about aim and no debate about control rockets. Entire ship. This physics work in Space Engineers {game on steam}. It is real physics.

devs decided to make this game like you were inmersed in atmosphere…i see some posibilities here (that would be possible in a “realistic” space game) like shooting with all cannons to a ship following you. This is a fast paced game with many things simplified to keep it fast and easy to use, Starcitizen on the other hand has what you are asking for (actually has 2 modes: SC like and this one) and they are taking their time (and charging a lot of cash of it) to make it work…SC team will not spend efforts on this to risk what they have (they’ve already discussed this)

We have experimented with different ship handlings in the past and we have come to the conclusion that the current one is the best choice.

Thank you for answer

Yeah it’s an arcade flight mode and while Newtonian physics would be cool, it would also lead to things like Frigates reversing away from you while hitting you with all their turrets ;p

devs decided to make this game like you were inmersed in atmosphere…

E.g. slowing down due to air resistance, projectiles having maximum range, flames, being able to hear things in space, etc.


Clearly, SC takes place in an alternative reality where space is not a vacuum.

E.g. slowing down due to air resistance, projectiles having maximum range, flames, being able to hear things in space, etc.


Clearly, SC takes place in an alternative reality where space is not a vacuum.

Kinda like starwars

Okay, this request made me laugh.


The request is for "realistic: physics.  The example given is to travel from point A to point B and along the way rotate the ship so it keeps traveling to B but you face 180 degrees and back to point A and fire weapons.


As a Real Developer of Real TIme physics for flight systems, guidance and whatnots… it cant ever happen as desired.


Newtons basic law says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


With this Law in mind (which can only be stretched in a virtual environment btw)… if you were to rotate as desired, the center of gravity of the ship would change and be thrust into a different direction.   The very act of the rotation (must fire the side thrusters to do so) would be an “action”.   Now for that action there must be an equal opposite reaction by Law…the Reaction.    So the reaction is not that the ship rotates on the current A-B line of travel within the center point of gravity of the ship itself, the ship is moving on an axis…during rotation  it would start to skew off the direct straight line as the reaction to the side thrust.  Its being pushed to the side.   So the desired effect initially wanted doesn’t exist in REAL to begin with.   Hence my chuckle …as was touched upon by the other above post about guiding craft to the mood and side thrusters and steering to again correct trajectory to a waypoint or destination.


In the vacuum of space, the effect is so noticeable due to absence of friction,  that constant monitoring must be done to fire retros or side thrusters to keep a craft on trajectory.   It is never a straight line and the ability to rotate 180 degrees and “fly in reverse while maintaining course”… In Space, there is no friction per say and even the very act of rotation changes the trajectory of a craft.   Its so absolute up there that even pushing off the sides of the craft to float to the other side of the craft causes trajectory changes to the craft in minute measurements…ie, EQUAL and OPPOSITE REACTION… so the energy spent in the legs of the person to push off, has an equal reaction of energy expended by the craft and it moves off course opposite in the direction of the leg pushoff…skewing the course axis the craft is traveling on…, to be corrected by Guidance at that moment, or later in a larger, collective correction action, this being the more efficant method used in space, as it conserves fuel then the minute many times Guidance could do instead.


As for the users wish… do this in Game… start your flight… head to your waypoint (B from A)    Bind your ENGINE SHUT OFF key to some some key and press it… float a bit as you rotate your 180 then hit your REVERSE FLY key you have bound… you will have very close to what you want.   Keep in mind that reverse flight is slower then forward flight and perform a LOOK BEHIND often to stay on course to point B since you will be looking at point A and every clik you move further away from Point A, you increase the angles of error.   It wont be perfect for what you want but will be close.  


And by Close, I mean, Close within the Law of Physics…since killing your main engine will not project you as you rotate and you will be drifting and the side thrusters will fire as you rotate around in drift…and you will skew off course a bit during the rotation but not much…just as Newton says you will.  So in all practically, the game is more real then your wish.   Deal with the Laws of Physics, not change them to what can not be.


What you really need is the Mine Layer module used on Frigates.    Face and fly head on to your Point B and forget about Point A and drop the mine field behind you and get the hill outta there.   You will hear them explode behind you and  that sexy voice onboard say “ENEMY DESTROYED”…since Physics again, does not allow a 90 degree turn abruptly by them just as it does not allow your 180 on course wish…and they have no choice but to fly right into the mine field.   Problem Solved.   Arc around AFTER that to pick up the Trophies left behind and ram the dead ships out of the way for fun.  Laugh as you see the EQUAL REACTION of them floating away from the direction of impact… hey look, Applied Physics yet again.


Smart guy that Newton dude was…bet he’d love to play this game.