The Harvester [Ship]

(Keep a very light-headed and fun Guardians Of The Galaxy type feel when reading.)


Transmission incoming from Veilaron-sigma-X system outside Mendes…


Data retrieved. Relaying.

"Mercenaries! Greetings to one and to all! I am Wemesh Eik’art from the lower Veilaron moons here with a brilliant proposition! We have recently unearthed a prototype vessel brought about by ancient Jericho fanatics, presumably from right about when the first phasic plasma shields were being used on star-ships, and you won’t believe what we’ve done with it! Apparently the ancient Fanatics didn’t quite know where to start with phasic plasma generators, so instead of equipping their ships with them, they simply designed a ship entirely built on siphoning the plasma fields from other ships! Judging by the original designs it used to be either a mining ship or a freighter, but we can’t really tell. But here’s the fun part, we have revamped it and brought it back to the market! Now using upgraded Jericho shielding systems, combined with the ancient harvester technology, we have birthed a ship to rival all others! Of course we kept the original name for old times sake.

“The Harvester.”

Oooohhh now doesn’t that just make you shiver.

Now we were prepared to bring it to the market but because of our limited supply of resources and hefty number of adversaries who wish for nothing but our deaths, we had to put production on the back-burner. But if you wouldn’t mind helping us out with some things, we might just slip one of these beauties in to your hangar free of charge! See the attached data-link for details on what exactly we need done.



Meant as a fun Summer event for a free ship like the Nyx. Details below.





Name: The Harvester

Type: Rank 10 Jericho Frigate

Appearance: large, sharp, parts from Caltrop, arranged very symmetrically, looks like some sort of mining platform. Red glow. The “fins” glow when the special module is charged, and each fin discharges for each use of the special module. 8 fins total symmetrically around the ship. 4 left 4 right. One central engine and eight boosters just below each fin.


Special Module: The Harvester

Recharge: 0.1s

Charges: 8

Charge regeneration: 12 seconds

Energy: 120pts

Tooltip: Fires a scanner probe at the crosshairs for a range of 4,000m. If it finds a ship, it latches on to it and siphons 4,000pts of its shield back to the Harvester over 6 seconds. All excess regeneration by the host is also transferred. The hosts shield generator burns their hull if they try to use regeneration modules or if an engineer tries to heal them.


Primary Weapon: Harvester Drill

Tooltip: If the target is under the effect of the Harvester, the damage bypasses the shield and begins melting the hull down. Continuous hull contact causes spontaneous detonation of ammo cartridges randomly. (Also used in OS to drill for resources or iridium)


Active Module: Endoplasmic Regenerator

Recharge: 9 seconds

Tooltip: One available Harvester Charge is used up to regenerate hull plating and energy for 1,750 points over 3 seconds. The ship then ejects the charge plasma through the engine vents for an increase in speed of 45% for 10 seconds. Leaves behind a cloud of thermoactive waste that damages ships for 5 seconds.


Active Module: Exoplasmic Rejector

Recharge: 9 seconds

Range: 3,500m

Radius: 250m

Tooltip: One available Harvester Charge is used along with 2,000 shield points to create a beam aimed at the crosshairs dealing 9,150 thermal damage to any target in its path over 3 seconds. If an ally is caught in the beam, their shield force amplifies the power of the beam by 50% per ally.


Special Ability: Harvester Regenerator

Function: If 4 or more Harvester Charges are available, shield regeneration is shared to allies within 500m.





It is a good concept, it is too effective though, it has dps that puts an lrf to shame, and the survivability of an engie/guard hybrid

I like it, +1 from me

It’s mainly just a ship to suck shields from ships. Primarily Elly ships. Doesn’t really do hull damage unless they try to regen shields or are under dual effects. It is strong, but in a different way than most ships.