The corp is now open. if ur a real basterd let me know and i will see if you are worth  the invite.




Team speak is  set up.


Also let me know your times you will normaly be on.

Hello and welcome to the game.

You can use this teamspeak

I will create a channel for your clan later today.

for that TS  will i have admin acces?

i want to set pass word for it …we have TS up right now but its just one im “barrowing”

It’s TS that I host for the whole community at the moment.

You can get channel admin rights so you can set a channel password for your clan.

On this TS you will also find some other pilots for talking and flying together.

OK  thanks will get in to in later today thanks.

OMG I was just checking on this game to open it to FrogSwarm hahahah :slight_smile:

Hello goon brosefs ! Mittens is a xxxxx :wink:

haha well this game is good FOR xxxxxxxx.

Seems that WE ARE :smiley:



Hey, looking for people to play with, didn’t know that was goon corp (though should have guessed). Did you put a post up on the SA forums then?


I can play most evenings on weekdays (GMT).

Welcome, Lets try to conduct ourselves civil and respectable in this game.

no flooding, scaming, abusing, etc.

most of all sing along…


Not he good one Humarii, they made a clip after that you missed ! Love SUAS & Darius o7



Is the clan going to accept casual players, that won’t really give a damn about regularity of any kind? I’m retired Goon from EVE, but don’t really

want to get another second job on the internet, like the one I dropped after 5 years of playing and killmail whoring every evening. ;p


BTW, my in-game nick is the same as the one on forums. I’m active on Euro tz evenings mostly, on weekends whenever my RL don’t bother me.

Hello GOONS. I do hope I run into you. Your ships will make excellent target practice. :slight_smile:


Good to see you guys :slight_smile:

Nice to see you guys, been a while since i had my last chances on ganking some bees:) Syndicate 2 years ago i think o7

Are you still required to pay tenbux to join anything goon? 

I’d like to join please. Be fun flying with you guys :smiley: (Suicide ganking their captain :P)

If you’re open for members I’d love to take my shot at joining.

I main Federation Fighters, but  will try  and pick up Fed frigates on my way as well.


Currently working to gain access to T2 ships but heck, anything goes, right?

Lastly, i don’t have regular times i play, I’m on CET, but you are as likely to see me online at 3 AM as  you are to see me on at 4 PM.
used to play eve, but never had the honor of fighting alongside  you, was with IAC  for a while, then flew with rage, though i was  never a “face”.

Hi All,


Hopefully you guys are still open to members as i’m interested in joining !

Just hit Level 4 (rank) with Jericho and really wanting to get into this game.


Let me know if you need anything else. (Also played eve online for 3 years)




Count me in! please! this sounds fun!


I am US West T

Grr,GOON ! 


Welcome guys. Also see you in VFK.