The game is very unforgiving when a teammate quits or is disconnected...

even more so in scenarios.  Facing the same number of AI ships with fewer teammates = you being AI swarmed to death.  I would like the game not to penalize me whenever a teammate leaves or is disconnected by either giving me the option to instantly quit the scenario (no wait time for mission to finish) or reducing the number of AI ships in the scenario. 


Arcade can be just as bad but there isn’t really much that can be done.  If wouldn’t really be fair for the other team to have someone kicked just because their opponent lost a player.  The only thing I could think of would be to give the shorthanded team some type of bonus such as increased damage or shield regen for every team member they lose though leaving and disconnections.

Well you can’t just make a scenario easier if someone leaves, if he/she is, then plan ahead if you’re doing a scenario with a squad. If you go solo/random players, then I can see disconnection and leaving often. Then, I guess there should be an option to forfeit a scenario as a team. Maybe a vote option for it?


As many losses I have in Arcade mode, it’s mostly due to people in the team just not giving a crap, or AFK-ing. Shield boost and other kinds of buffs may be nice, but what I think would be nice too if the team gets a (bot) player as a replacement :slight_smile: