The FXH-1 [Ship]

Name: The FXH-1

Type: Long Range Frigate

Shield: high

Hull: high

Speed: extremely low

Manuverability: low

LText: This ship is the result of melding together a major caliber energy cannon, a destroyer class reactor, and an engine set. This terrifying beast can take hits and dish them out, but don’t expect it to move around much. It can only use one primary wepaon, and cannot fit standardized weapons due to energy requirements. Has no secondary weapons.


Special Module: Fire

Damage: extremely high

Range: extremely high

Projectile speed: extremely high

Recharge: medium

Energy: high

Tooltip: Fires the primary cannon in the direction the ship is facing. Has a 3 degree cone where the projectile can fire at the crosshairs. After the cannon is fired, the nearby area becomes superheated and damages ships excluding the user.


Primary Weapon: PDT Cannons

(Always equipped, cannot be changed)

Damage: medium Kinetic

Range: medium-low

RoF: extremely high

Projectile speed: extremely high

Heating: none

Tooltip: Activates the PDT cannons around the ship to fire automatically at up to 4 nearby targets. Turrets will prioritize missiles, then ships, then drones. While active, consumes energy. Active while held.


Secondary Weapon: Focus

(Always equipped, cannot be changed)

Tooltip: Zooms in to the crosshairs and shows where the next shot will land if fired. Active while held.


Ship ability: Dark-side Generator

Function: Enemies outside of 3,500m cannot see the ship on radars.


Active Module: Phantom Blink

Recharge: medium

Tooltip: Blinks the user a great distance towards the crosshairs, and leaves behind a hologram for a while.


Active Module: Fusion Torpedo

Damage: high Thermal

Recharge: medium

Range: high

Tooltip: Drops a large torpedo that moves slowly towards the locked target. If the target is lost, it will pursue another locked target. Will expertly maneuver around obstacles.