The Future of Ship Customization (Module)

this is an idea for a new layout of customizing the ships, and ultimately making the game more dynamic, and unique. below is a picture of what i am going to explain, to give a visual.  The way the modules will work is as follows. shipco12.jpg


The ships will be slightly reworked, to have a base set of stats. These stats can be upgraded, but a few are hard to change, like mobility.


Starting from the top you first have the support slots, these are for things like more resistance etc, After this you have Defense slots, after this energy slots, and after this you have electronics, after this you have engine slots, then weapon slots (passives will no longer exist).


Support Slots

These will include things like, Resistance.



Engines modules will be added to the game, that will have various effects. ship speed will be based on this.



all passive, and CPU modules for weapons will be transfered here.



All armor and shield modules will be added here. This area will get a major rework and will work as follows

In general armor and shields will consist of two types of modules

  • High Point Armor/Shields with very low/no regen 
  • Low Point Armor/Shields with high regen

Further, Races will be broken down technologically something to the following


Empire No longer has shields, gains “armor” in the place of armor. Having Hull/Armor

Federation - High shield cap, low regeneration

Jericho - Low Shield Cap, High generation


General Slots

These slots are for special technologies. Each faction has unique technologies. Each ship can carry two. in general this technologies are passive. Some examples of these are


Combat Cloak - Your cloak allows you to attack while cloaked, after the first shot expires, you have two seconds of attacking while cloaked.






General Technologies


All current modules will fall under"General Technologies" These technologies can be expanded upon in the future, but these technologies are compatible with all races/factions.


Faction based Technologies


These modules can only be used on corresponding faction ships. For example, Warden technologies cannot be used on legion ships. This is to make each person have a general pool to take tech from, but also unique technologies.


The benefit of these technologies is great, but so at the same time is the disadvantage that comes with it. A prime example of this is the Jericho - Techs Faction specific “regenerative shield generator” Which gives them + 1500 shields (As opposed to federations + 2500) But gives their shields 145 shields/s regen where as federations is only 80.