The "Focus Target"

Simple - Make it green when squad mate points instead of some of the others. 
Will greatly help the teamwork.

Allow the commander in combat recon to mark targets, MMO style and put an icon or number above their head.


Give pre-made squads the same ability.


Not that we can’t call targets on Teamspeak anyway, but god some of the names people pick take half an hour to pronounce. We often resort to things like “Primary: The twit in the giant flying xxxx”


(Replace marked words with more colourful language)

Yeah. When we fly in squads and TS its “Kill the engineer” then point, Kill the Guard then point. 


But it will be nice if it is in different color in case people just casually made a squad and not TS or someone decided to point at different target in the same view screen or a beacon or w/e.

I agree - hence ‘raid target icons’ as they’re commonly known would be a good feature to have.


I’d like the ability to set a primary, secondary and tertiary target, personally.

It may be better, but it is not WoW where things happen one way. In the heat of the battle every angle per second you turn left or right for example may mean life or death.

Personally, if I was to indicate a target to my squad I’d prefer it more obvious than just a slight colour change. The distinction between green and blue is pretty difficult for some people in the heat of combat. :slight_smile:


(Visually challenged/colour blind, etc)

(Replace marked words with more colourful language)


That baka in the giant flying cake~

That baka in the giant flying cake~

That cake in the giant flying baka~