The Death of Star Conflict

okay i’m sure there have been a bunch of threads titled this before but this one is legit… 


If you don’t fix the queue, then there will be no more star conflict. 


I have waited in queue for 30 minutes today. i have tried t3 and t5.


I suggest that you revert matchmaker back to what it was immediately.



All in favor sign the petition below / / / / / 

here is an example. we have waited for over 30 mins and requeued several times. IDK if it’s cuz mm considers us too high to vs other squads or what but this is xxxx. 



Perhaps there weren’t any squads to match you against during US playtime? The new weapon quests have been made such that getting the T5 PvP one is nearly impossible without losing one’s job, especially in lower tiers. It’s natural with this event that people leach from T3 to play T5 PvP, captured dreadnought for 30 minutes at a time, or farm T4 sectors. Combined with the US prime time’s naturally low population content, and you get 30 minute queues for 3-man squads.

Please create a bug report including time and time zone when issues appeared.