The Crystallomorphic War

“The Crystallomorphic War” was an idea for a continuation of the campaign running off of previous intel about the biomorphs and Crystallids and Ellydium. It would involve revealing new alien sectors and new useful items and modules and ships, as well as finishing the story on where Ellydium went, what they accomplished, and ending with the opening of the new SpecOps on the awakening Bion.


I lazily wrote a few starting missions and stuff before I completely forgot about it. If anyone wants to help continue the story using in-game lore please do.




Intro lore: “Attention mercenary! As you know, the Crystallids and Biomorphs invaded our territory some time ago and laid waste to many of our stations. Their presence was feared, but we eventually succeeded in suppressing them long enough for an entirely new fleet of ships to be made to push them in to hiding. What the news centers never told you is that the Biomorphs and the Crystallids are not one race, but two. And they were not invading our space just on a whim; they were scavenging materials and resources to continue in their own war. The Ellydium project was a fantastic suppressive force against the aliens, but once their station was shifted in space, the Crystallids and Biomorphs began to rebuild their sectors and fortify their defenses. They are planning another attack. Not on us, but on the alien virus: The Biomorphs. Our plan, should you chose to involve yourself, is to investigate future interactions with these aliens in effort to keep us one step ahead in their affairs. We don’t want another invasion on your hands, now do we?”


1: “Where the old world meets the new”

“Pilot! Thank you so much for taking time from your schedule to help us. My name is Dr. Fredrick H. I am currently the lead scientific investigator in to the Biomorph plague. We have detected a spacial rift in the Ontregos sector and our scanners indicate that it leads in to the heart of a new alien world. All of our drones have been destroyed upon entering the sector, but we believe a skilled pilot like yourself should be able to gather enough information and escape before too much damage is done. All you must do is drop this probe in the indicated area. The probe will gather all the required data.”

Mission: Activate the given module within 1,000m of an indicated point next to a structure in the alien zone “Inverter”.

Accept reward: Multipurpose Active Module “Spatial Probe” that places a small object in space. It reveals one enemy within 900m for 35 seconds. Also displays a radar around it to all pilots that reveals nearby enemies and items in a way identical to the Spatial Scanner. Recharge: 20 seconds.

Complete: “The data is streaming in now! Great work pilot! Now please make your way back before something troublesome happens.”

Reward: You get to keep the new module. +100,000 Credits. 


2: “One slight problem”

“Your previous assignment revealed much about the military capabilities of the Crystallids. But now we have a local problem that needs to be dealt with… Our station in Research Hub has been overrun by cartel scum. If you wouldn’t mind taking down their captains, we might be able to flush them out and restore our control. Without this station, we are unable to proceed with data analysis.” 

Mission: Kill 3 cartel captains in Research Hub 

Accept reward: None

Complete: “Our researchers thank you, pilot. The local security forces can handle it from here.”

Reward: 18 Unrefined Electrum 


3: “Out of the fire and in to the frying pan”

“The probe you planted has indicated a strange object exiting from a rift near the Poesidon Complex. Please make your way to that sector and investigate. Be prepared to fight off any other forces that might also be interested. We want to keep this investigation as confidential as possible. Take this to arm yourself.”

Mission: Arrive to Poesidon Complex and kill off the enemies guarding a wrecked, mutated ship. Interact with the ship after killing the guards to complete the mission.

Accept reward: Mk3 Assault Railgun

Complete: "Hello! Pilot! Can you hear me? Hello! I am Lt. Farley from the Emperial Intelligence Agency. I was investigating some strange energy anomalies in a fringe sector when I was pulled in to a dark green rift of sorts. I was immediately attacked by strange creatures on the other side and managed to excape before destruction. Though I’ve locked myself inside my cabin because the creatures tried to inject some strange fluid in to my life support system. My diagnostics displays the module has completely failed, yet I am still alive to speak with you. I highly advise against taking me to any friendly ports right now. I’ve contacted some friends and they say that they have prepared a sealed room for me and my ship to be scanned in the pirate fort ‘Muerto’. Please meet me there and fend off any pirates that might not recognize our ships so that I may dock.

Reward: 300,000cr


4: “Who needs friends when I have enemies like you”

“Pilot! I have warped to the pirate sector! Equip yourself with your most durable ship, because it seems that the pirates aren’t planning on letting us through. Get me safely to the dock and I will pay you handsomely.”

Mission: Arrive to Fort Muerto and escort the damaged frigate to the dock. Dock there once the ship is inside for the reward.

Accept reward: None

Complete: “Many thanks to you pilot. My friends will take me from here. Please do not follow me. Your life may depend on it. Oh, and I have transferred your reward to your hangar.”

Reward: 1,200,000cr + [Classified Documents]


5: “A surprising connection”

“Pilot! This is Dr. Fredrick. Where have you been? Once you entered the sector we lost you on the radar and only just now found your signal at a… Pirate station?? Were you captured? If you are able, please meet me at New Eden. There has been a development.”

Mission: Dock at New Eden

Accept reward: None

Complete: “So while you were at the pirate station doing who knows what, one of our scientists discovered a secret Biomorph operation to infect humans and use them as pawns in their war against the Crystallids! Yes I know it sounds crazy but- …oh? You knew? Wait you never gave us report on that object we sent you to recover. What’s this? Who gave these documents to you? I will take them immediately. Please see yourself to the decontamination chambers. I don’t want an outbreak here.”


6:“To be continued”