The [BURG] is Recruiting



The BURG is recruiting


The BURG is looking for new recruits to build our corp. The BURG is starting from the ground up and looking for new dedicated or casual players to fill our ranks. There are no stipulations on which faction you fight for or which tier ship you have. We welcome noobies to experienced players alike, though we expect the noobies to learn and become useful fighter pilots for our corp. 


What The BURG expects of our recruits.


Good manners

Good sportsmanship

Be a team player

Minimum age of 18 (Exceptions made for mature minded teens)

Willing to learn from your senior members.


We are currently ranked 36, but with your help, we can get better! :slight_smile:


Current BURG Senior Members.


Catfish (CEO)

Fog37bom AKA LeeroyJenkins (Officer)

Hloden (Canadian Crusader)

PermanentWaves (Beach Bum)

Xipph (Awesome Sauce)


BURG Amenities


We currently have the following for our members.


Mumble voice and chat server that currently holds up to 35 people. I will increase to hold more as the BURG grows.


Our very own site


Forums for information and player topics (Will create more threads according to player’s needs)


This is your chance to make a corp YOUR very own and contribute to gaming excellence! There are many corporations out there, but this one is mine! :wink:


If you are interested, please fill out the contact form HERE! Send your actual in game user so I can send you an invite. Also, register in site HERE, and post your welcome message in the forums. Let us know who you are and what you’re about! When you become a BURG member, I will send you the password for our Mumble voice comms. You can download Mumble HERE!


Happy Gaming!



I want to be part, how I can do it?