The Brotherhood of Bacon needs YOUR Frying pans!

So, as of today there has started a TREMENDUOUS fad involving wordplay with bacon and a few of the participants Thought it would be an awesome Idea to create a corp in honor of that fad, I don’t know how many of them use the forums at all though, apart from that, We don’t have the gold standards necessary to create a corp, and I’m never gonna buy any gold standards again, not even for this (inb4 xxxx f2pers comment.)

So there are three questions now:

One: Did you notice that fad? Do you like it?

Two: Do you still search for a sympathetic corp that might even build up a proper network (Teamspeak mumble, etc.) if the corp grows big enough


Three: Do you want to provide the 3000 gold standards and in return be the Corp Executive?



Let us know, and let the Bacon guide you through the hungriest of nights.

One: Bacon!

Two: Maybe.

Three: xxxx f2per here :-]

P2pers just don’t have any humour, I guess… :wink:

F2pers also generalize people.



F2pers also generalize people.


They’re all the same anyway…




I want to capture the bacon!  As of now I will not be giving these people any of my real money.  That being said, find me in game and let’s bacon up for some bacon on bacon action!

With my awesome name, I should definitly get a spot in the corp :smiley:

by far the most funny Named corp of all ROFL BACON!!!

by far the most funny Named corp of all ROFL BACON!!!

Thanks a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:


The best thing about the name, IMO, is though, that our corp tag would be [bOB] :wink:

I’m kinda trying to get back into the game, so anybody up for this Corp? :smiley: