The Blood Brothers [BLUD] are rising!

The Blood Brothers of the Empire are now recruiting! If you are looking for a corp for casual play then look no further! Currently we are few in numbers but hope to rise through the ranks, whther it be slowly or quickly, we will get there. We are looking for active pilots, both in PvE and PvP. We are a fairly new corporation being that we only came into existence 3 months ago and have lain dormant till today. If you are interested in joining there a few things that you will need to have:


  1. You will need to be an active player (preferabbly logging on daily but weekly is acceptable)*


2)A minimum of 3% fleet strength


3)A mimum skill rating of 1000


To join, post a picture of your profile on the thread alongside your CURRENT ingame name, or you can leave a message with one of our officers or our  CEO.



CEO : Regaman101 


Vice President: DerpNukem


Officers: TheVIIseven 



\ *If you plan on leaving the game for an extended time then please message one of the officers or our CEO.Thankyou!

Welcome to the forums and good luck in recruiting

good to see more corps joining the forums welcome & good luck :good:

No takers yet. And the corp is going to need the luck.

I have been recieving messages from people looking to join a corp. I will start sending them your way.

Thank you Mr Twiddlez, it is very much appreciated.


We’ve had a name change! We are now known as the Blood Brothers [bLUD].