The big list of suggestions

Okay so here goes. The TL;DR is at the bottom of the post, but I strongly suggest you (devs especially) read it through.


If you want to flame me, correct me or just plainly insult me. Feel free to do so. Chances are, you will be ignored (by me) if it’s not constructive criticism.


First of all, I really want the readers to know that I really like this game. It has so much potential, but IMO it’s still pretty flawed (hence the beta stage). I’ve been with this game since… forever it feels like, and I’ve seen how the game has progressed (for better or worse). I’ve come to the point where I must voice my opinion or go mad (I choose the former). I just hope I will be heard, or at least, this post will result in a excellent discussion to solve several “issues”.


Every list of suggestions is personal, so is this, so take it into consideration when you flame me for being “wrong”; this is simply how I envision it and how to fix it.


I will first list a subject and then a possible (not the only) way to solve it. feel free to add other issues, and if they’re good, I will add them (along with solutions).



Some hate it, some love it. With patch 0.9.3 released, it became so much better, but it still needs a little tweaking. Things I will mention is:

  • Queue time
  • Tier balancing
  • Queue for different modes

Queue time

We have all seen the “Estimated wait time” and we’ve all come to the conclusion that it’s broken and nowhere near the end result. Heck, I think a random number calculator could do a better. It might even hit it right a few times.

I don’t know which algorithm is used for calculating this, but it’s obvious that it needs an overhaul. I think the problem lies in the calculation of the average wait time for ALL players, which is a lazy way of doing it.

Also, at one point or another, we’ve all tried waiting for what feels like ages, before entering combat ← this is a little harder to fix, but I’ll explain why further down.


I will try and make this simple. The estimate should be calculated depending on which game mode you engage (sector control, pve, custom). Players in custom battles should be excluded entirely from the queue calculations, since the queue doesn’t really exist for custom battles (I’m hoping this is already implemented, otherwise, it should be fixed asap). Sector control should be calculated by several factors. This will be a little complex, so try and follow me.


ET = Estimated time for your Tier - by which tier you will be placed in when calculating time

PT = Players in Tier group - number of players in the same tier group as you

IT = Players inactive for # minutes - when players haven’t tried entering combat for a certain period

TA = Time waited - for each player


 It would then look something like this:


ET = (( PT - IT ) * TA ) / ( PT - IT )


A few factors are worth considering when using this relatively simple algorithm, like:

  • Database structure
  • Tier calculation

I would recommend trying to calculate the estimated time every 1 or 2 minutes (maybe more, maybe less - I honestly don’t know. It’s just a qualified guess). The point of time in which Tier calculation is performed, is also very important. A few ways to go about this is:

  1. Calculate tier group upon selection of ships and changing equipment (done by server) and store the Tier group data. When the server calculates a new ET, it will incorporate the new data and scrap the old (depending on how the dabase is set up, this might consume a lot of power, or none at all). Server will use old ET until a new ET has been calculated. This is to get a more updated and relevant ET when you enter a queue
  2. Calculate tier group upon entering a queue (from your current setup) and use the current ET available, then store the new data for later calculations (a more power friendly version, albeit slightly more inaccurate than the one above)
  3. ? (there’s certainly more ways to go about this)

Now, when we talk about the waiting time in general, this is kinda hard to fix at all, because it’s mostly dependant on the amount of players online. The queues can be slightly affected by Tier group calculation, but I won’t go more into that for now. Right now, it seems like they’re heading in the right direction, but they’re not quite there yet.



Okay, hold on to your hats and glasses, this is gonna be a whinercoaster.


Singularity Cannon

Yes, I did it. I actually poked the sleeping tiger. Now before we go on, I have to mention that what you will read now, is how I see it. You might disagree with me, but please let me know why instead of calling my mother a cheap prostitute.

We all hate it and we all love. The singularity cannon is by far, the most imbalanced weapon in the game (please notice that I didn’t say over powered). Let me explain why:

  1. Shoots through beacons and static barriers, damaging players behind them
  2. Can be boosted immensely in strength using different modules
  3. Very slow and bugged tracking
  4. Area of Effect is huge (compared to other wapons)

I will now explain why the above mentioned thins make it imbalanced.

1:  Other weapons don’t behave like this, thus giving the Singularity Cannon a huge advantage over other weapons. Especially when it comes to “duck and cover” techniques and “beacon defense/offense”, since all it takes, is a little damage to stop beacon interaction.

2: Valkyrie system, Aiming Overcharge and Ship Overdrive. Combine these and the Singularity cannon will become the single most damaging weapon in the game, due to it’s already high damage per shot.

3: The tracking system is really really bad. Personally I’ve been having issues with trying to shoot other ships that are not currently locked (free aiming) and anything at all if no ships are locked. The tracking system is a lead target marker lover and hates everything else. This makes this weapon unusually hard to aim with - which is kind of a problem due to it’s close-to-medium range role.

4:  The ball of certain death, being flung towards players, tend to hit players, even if they’re out of visual range of the projectile itself (a rough estimate would be a radius of ~15-20 m). This makes the Singularity Cannon a ship shredder when the projectile encounters ships clustered together.



The Singularity Cannon is essentially a weapon that spews out small electro magnetic suns of pure destruction that passes through most barriers and can destroy several ships at once, with a few shots (look out interceptors!). Slow moving targets, like frigates in general, are f***ed when they encounter an enemy with a Singularity Cannon, unless they have fast moving escorts or if the engineer manages to throw down a warp gate and get the hell out of there (unless the ball of destruction destroys said gate first). I hope you all see where I want to go with this.



First off, change the name. Singularity is just a fancy word for black holes - and black holes are awesome, but have no place in this game (maybe make a singularity bomb instead - like a nuke, but with different properties). Call it “Modulated/Directed EM wave cannon” or something like that (maybe other players have suggestions?).

Secondly; fix the tracking (slightly higher turret rotation and not so target loving?), lower the damage, increase rate of fire, decrease AoE and make it blockable by barriers.

There are a slew of other ways you could balance it, but this is my favorite solution.


When it comes to all the other weapons, I think they’re very much balanced at this point, with only a few tweaks here and there, to complete them, so I won’t go into detail with them.


Hangar and Combat

We’ve all tried to leave combat when facing impossible odds, only to find all your ships locked in combat.

What really irritates me, is that you cannot access your ship tree. I love fiddling around with ships from different factions and plan different ship combinations. At least let me do that if I can’t do anything anyway.

Players who have tried WoT and WT (World of Tanks and War Thunder), are accustomed to being able to use other vehicles when the last used is still locked in combat.

Yes, I know it’s a pain in the butt when players leave you to fend for yourself, and yes they should be “punished” for that as well, but there are better ways.



Make players able to create “squads” of different ship combinations, so they can enter combat again, just not with the same ships as before. This will also increase the amount of players queuing up for combat, making queue times lower. I would love to be able to level different tiers of ships instead of having to wait for combat to finish (if I want my reward) and then use a few minutes on swapping out ships and equipment:

  • 1 squadron, increasing with one for every second tier, ie; 1 squadron at Tier 1 & 2, 2 squadrons at Tier 3 & 4, 3 squadrons at Tier 5
  • 3 ships in each squad (4 if you have unlocked the 4th hangar bay)

Disconnecting from combat should not result in no rewards at all. You’ve put in time and effort, so even if you ragequit or is just waiting for the last ship to finish the mission because everyone else is dead, you shouldn’t have to loose it all. And on top of that, if you’ve lost some ships in the process, it can quickly become a pricey affaire, especially for higher tiered ships. 


Disconnecting from combat…

  • Will forfeit loot attempts (boosters for loot will be used regardless)
  • Will forfeit winning bonus boost to synergy (will gain synergy as if you had lost)

Nothing else. And when you get back to your hangar, you will have other ships to fly (if your rank is high enough).


Power Squads

We’ve all met them and we all lost to them. The prime cause of rage quits and name calling.

The devs way of trying to nerf them, was to lower the max squad size to 3 (or so I believe). A horrible idea in my opinion.



Limit total DSR (Destroyed Ships Rating) of a squad to 5000 points. That would only allow an average of 1250 DSR for all players in a squad.

I know DSR isn’t everything, but it’s a damn good indication of killing skills and survival chances.

I know there are a lot of other ways to go about it, but this was the first one to come to mind. Maybe someone else could come up with a more reliable and balancing way to do it?


Thermal Damage & PvE

Thermal damage has been nerfed to the point of complete uselessness in PvE. I understand that lasers are very effective in PvE, since the AI has no evasion skills whatsoever, but c’mon. At least try and make them more usefull. I personally never use them, because they simply cannot compete with other weapons in PvE, when it comes do DPS.


Loot System and Golden Standards

The loot system is bad, like really bad. I find more artifacts than green and purple components combined. Not only do you have a small chance of finding any component in the first place, but you also have to roll for it with a ridiculous low chance. But oh no, it doesn’t stop there. That ridiculous low chance can be slightly improved if you’re willing to pay Golden Standards for it, and it’s not even guaranteed then, that you will get it. Golden Standards are equal to REAL MONEY people! I don’t even get a second chance to regret, if I misclick. Bam! there goes your money out of the window and you only got a small sum of money not worth mentioning, if you didn’t get the loot.

Personally, I misclicked the money for Golden Standards trade in the hangar menu. 2500 GS traded for a lousy ~1 mil. credits (or something around that). I was mad as hell. I can earn 1 mil. credits in around 3 rounds of PvE, equalling to about 15-20 minutes if I’m lucky.



Bottom line, when GS is involved, ALWAYS ask if they’re sure. However, gambling GS for loot is generally a bad idea, let me show you how I think it should be (I don’t have a problem with paying GS for equipment in hangar, at least you get it).

  • 30% Loot chance. Money if it fails (current rate is fine) ← Default, no cost
  • 50% Loot chance. Using experimental techniques increases chances, but will destroy everything if it fails (no money)
  • 100% Loot chance. Pay GS equivalent to shop prices -10% (you had to fight for it after all) - Paying professional scrap teams to recover items, always pays off.


I sincerely hope that some of these issues will be taken into consideration. I’m more than willing to help out, if it means a better game as a result.

Please don’t flame me or compare my ideas to feces, try to come up with constructive and helpful alternatives instead. After all, I’m posting this to help everyone. Also, don’t insult my mother, I can manage that myself.



Game is bugged, whine whine whine, please fix it. Here let me help you too.

I would like to add my two credits. 


I want them to fix the Premium ships and the GS to free energy conversion ratio. 


Some hate it, some love it. With patch 0.9.3 released, it became so much better, but it still needs a little tweaking. Things I will mention is:

  • Queue time > the patch just released and like any other game, it can suffer from ‘unexpected’ behaviour - every online game falls in this category, no exceptions (even Eve with it’s superserver); on top of that many people did not play yesterday after a few tries because of the new occurring bugs - some even asked if it’s even worth logging in right now (unless you refer to pre 0.9.3 as well)
  • Tier balancing  > agreed
  • Queue for different modes > this will dramatically increase queue times (for some modes at least)



Singularity Cannon

The main purpose of this thing when it was developed seems to be the role of ‘anti-frigball’ (btw, these are returning to the game, so a weapon like it is necessary) - i find it to be the main reason for all it’s attributes. High damage vs high HPs, slow bullet motion to give them a chance (hardly tho - even fed engies have problems with this) (also, it does not have slow barrels, they shoot directly where your mouse is pointing - it happens many times to shoot backwards or upwards of your intended aim because your mouse can accidentally be pointed on something that as distance is ‘touching the camera’ - go and hug a complex structure on the map and just hover your mouse around randomly while looking at the turrets), it passes beacons and barriers to prevent super-turtling.

If there is a balance i’m suggesting, that would be another look at the damage ‘per size’. Right now singus deal full damage to frigs, reduced to fighters, and even more reduced to intys and the mechanic is ok and well intended, but it still needs tweaking.

I don’t feel threatened by this gun at all, but i do know and feel it’s destructive power since i have it equipped on one of my … ‘time to get serious’ ships.

So all in all, wait for now to see what frigballs have to offer. I feel Gauss to be just as powerful with a different approach.


PS: i also feel this to be the ‘anti cannon fodder’ weapon if you get what i mean.

PS2: the poor tracking against close and / or fast ships is mainly due to lag / ping so it looks like you shoot behind your target even when clicking bullseye on the lead indicator. Thought myself in these situation to aim in front of the indicator by 1,5 - 2x.


Hangar and Combat

[…] you cannot access your ship tree […] > agreed, and it has already been suggested many times with no response yet… (leaving and ragequitting - it’s a game ffs! - should indeed be punished, but no access to hangar is ridiculous) - they said once it is in order to prevent abuse as queuing for T1 for example and then quickly swap to high tier ships, but a single lock of changes while waiting for a battle should do the trick

Also note there are people sometimes afk-farming in this manner to not bother with the repair costs. Alt-Tab, end process, reconnect, return to battle to redeem your reward with no repairs needed. The only counter to this is to spot and report them. I would indeed like the ability to reconnect at any time tho, since sometimes the game hiccups and tosses you out in the hangar with no return button available.


Power Squads

The devs way of trying to nerf them, was to lower the max squad size to 3 (or so I believe). A horrible idea in my opinion.  > agreed



Limit total DSR (Destroyed Ships Rating) of a squad to 5000 points. That would only allow an average of 1250 DSR for all players in a squad.

I know DSR isn’t everything, but it’s a damn good indication of killing skills and survival chances.

I know there are a lot of other ways to go about it, but this was the first one to come to mind. Maybe someone else could come up with a more reliable and balancing way to do it?

Well, believe me or not, but i’ve seen people exceeding your 5000 suggested points BY FAR and their only activity was cowering to preserve DSR. Dunno what to say either tho. Some of us keep hovering between the (proven) idea that squadding people are worlds apart weaker in solo combat than soloers (confirming and approving of it as a solo player) and OP when stuck together. They always rely on their teammates and need them to get out of a situation alive, and many other things… Even so i approve of teamwork and it should be indeed rewarded in some manner. What i disapprove of are trolls bragging they killed you when they needed like half their team to do it (yea, more than their squad + ECM). Really? Those are the weakest of all: kill em once = they can’t do anything for the rest of the match or even the entire playing session due to rage (crybabies usually).


Loot System and Golden Standards

[long stuff]

I feel your pain and agree it’s fubar. Changes are needed, GS value is TOO DAMN LOW vs TOO HIGH PRICES. No exceptions.



Game is bugged, whine whine whine, please fix it. Here let me help you too.  > this seems to be everyone’s favourite activity around here xD

Thanks for the suggestions, but usually it is better to use existing threads and make 1 thread for each suggestion if there is no equal thread.