The bee-friendly update~

So yeah it’s stuck in my mind now so here is a bunch of bee themed ideas!

And of course the awful mobile forums put literally everything I said in to the spoiler. Blame the devs. I never asked for a revamped mobile site because all mobile sites suck.



Here starts the actual suggestions:


Name: Hive Mine

Type: Secondary Weapon (stationary device)

Damage: 1,200 kinetic/s

Active radius: 750m

Maximum targets: 6

Durability: 7,000pts

Drone durability: 500pts

Longevity: 120s

Tooltip: Places an autonomous station 750m in front of the ship that deploys a bee-drone every second to attack up to 6 nearby enemies.


Name: Fouldrone Field

Type: Passive module

Tooltip: Makes it impossible for enemies within 800m to produce drones or structures.


Name: Sting Missile

Type: Active Module (turret type)

Damage: 500+ thermal

Explosion radius: 100m

Range: 3,500m

Flight speed: 3,500m/s

Recharge: 1s

Energy: 75pts

Tooltip: Fires unguided rockets with a toxic payload. If an enemy is hit, they become more vulnerable, dealing an extra 500 damage per consecutive hit.


Name: FH-22 “The Hive”

Type: Drone Carrier (destroyer)

Ship effects:

“Drone Armor”:“Every 10,000 damage done to the hull, a large drone breaks off and pursues the attacker.”

“Hive Marker”:“Enemy drones and autonomous structures that come within 450m of the ship are taken over for permanent control by the ship.”

“Natural Camoflage”:“The ship is not detectible by radar until an enemy is within 2,000m.”

Special Module:

“Brooding Nightmare”:“Upon activation, deploys 12 heavy drones that autonomously pursue random targets. 2,500pts of durability. 2,110 thermal dps.”

Special Weapon:

“Apis Destructor”:“Drone shells are hurled at the crosshairs. Upon hit, a drone will latch on to the hull of the nearest enemy and open fire on the closest ally to them. 250 kinetic dps, additive per shot. Drones last for 30 seconds or until it is hit by an ally on their hull.”



And of course here is the save the bees DLC pitch:


So I’m not sure about how many of you know this, but honeybees and bees in general are slowly fading out of existence due to pesticides, diseases, and loss of natural habitats. The lack of bees in the world would mean a dramatic decrease in food-crop pollination across the world in over 75% of our crops. This would, as you might have guessed, mean nothing but bad things for us humans (and fox.)

Thousands of apiaries and beekeepers and bee fanatics across the world are doing their best to help bees get a foothold in the world again and start slowing down the decrease in their population.

I am one such beekeeper.

I bring to the table a very improbable but very important suggestion for a first “charity DLC” of sorts for the game. The “Save The Bees” DLC.  I suggest that a $20-30 DLC be made that contains some bee-themed stickers or aerography or other content, and that a certain percentage of the profit from just that DLC be directed towards apiaries across the world to help fund development of new hives and supplies and workers to help keep them.

The benefits for both parties are numerous. Not only would apiaries and beekeepers get a little boost in much needed funding, but they would also get more publicity via the game. The game would also get a huge boost in publicity because people all over the world would be writing about it and how much it cares etc etc etc. This would mean more players and more money and more publicity in a never-ending cycle of mutual benefit. This would also further an even greater good: the future of life as we know it. If bees die out, so do we.


I have prepared some minor content suggestions for this DLC in case you need some ideas~

The FL-22 “Honeybee”
Light Recon Interceptor
(Looks like a honey bee, duh.)
Ship effects: “Stinger” : If the rear of the ship makes contact with an enemy, the enemy takes 5,000 EM damage over the next 5 seconds. The sting recharges every 5 seconds. Each sting damages the user by 1,000pts.

Special Module: “Hive Cell Generator” : Drops a cell that when collected by yourself or an ally will restore 3,500-9,750 hull and shield strength over 5 seconds, as well as increase max speed by 25%. If the cell is left to sit for longer than 20 seconds, it will heal 50% more and increase max speed by 35%. 20 second cooldown. 
(The cells would look like hexagonal pickups in space and would never fade away. After 20 seconds of being in space the appearance would change to that of three hexagonal cells in a bunch. They could possibly even be used by both teams on the field because bees are good for everybody! X3)

Active Module: “Brood Call” : Changes up to two Hive Cells on the battlefield in to eggs that will “hatch” after 20 seconds in to AI controlled Honeybees with 50% the user’s stats to help. 120 second cooldown.

Primary Weapon: “Vespicore Launcher” : Quickly fires single yellow bolts dealing kinetic damage. Critical hits will deal +50% damage over 3 seconds.

Secondary Weapon: “Propolis Field” : “Sticky propolis engulfs the engines of those who pass through the field, slowing them down by 30% for 10 seconds. The afterburners will burn off the propolis but at the same time deal up to 7,250 thermal damage to the user.”

Passive Engine Module: “Bee-Line Engine” : “Double-tapping the afterburners will activate the bee-line engine. The user will fly at 1,000m/s in a straight line forwards until they release afterburners or run out of energy. Energy regeneration is halved while bee-lining.”

Aerography: “Save The Bees” : Simple foiled black/orange with yellow/orange hexagonal pattern throughout.

“Honeybee” : A simple top-down image of a honeybee.
“Hive” : Simple honeycomb like 3-7 cells.
“Sting!” : A jagged stinger with a glint.
“Honey” : A drop/jar of sweet, natural, pure golden honey!

[Hive Minded] (I really love this one)

[Earth Protector]