The A1MA's Final Form!!!

Howabout we just make it a freeby module like the doomsday missiles are and make it available to all tiers. It does minor damage in a decent range, and requires LoS and a Lock on target. How more balanced could you get? And maybe it could be upgradable for damage, range, and recharge? Or maybe just damage and recharge…

I have been saying from the beginning. For projectile based weapons increase range and projectile speed. For lasers increase rotation of fire without decreasing heatup time.

This way it doesn’t do no-skill autohit and still requires the player to aim.

Even though you are now my superior, I still stand by my reasoning.

What are you talking about? A1MA as it is now is a micro-pulsar that needs Line of Sight, a lock, and does not de-cloak ships. Not to mention it does say less damage.

And we’re on a level plain now. Say what you’re gonna say and make sure I hear it.

FFA is saying make your main weapon better.


It is better than any module.