My idea is simple, I would like to have an additional option in-game or a stand-alone module of the game in where we can test our ships, try out specific builds, and of course, share those builds. Trying out combinations costs a lot of credits, vouchers, upgrade kits, GS and artifacts, and something that looks promising could end up being really bad, or the other way around, something we thought would never work, in the end is a viable option.

How so? Well, with the following options:

  • Ship Builder: We can pick freely the ship we want, be it a R1 Tier 1 or a R15 Tier 5, it’s the same. We can pick the active and passive modules of our choice, we can equip the weapon, ammo and missiles we want. We can paint it how we want and put the sticker of our choice. ALL FREE OF CHARGE. And save that ship temporarily for use in the other parts of this idea.

  • Test-Drive: We take our recently made ship to a simple map in where we can try out and see how it accelerates, the maximum speed, how it rotates, and give a try to an obstacle course in order to see if we like the maneuverability of the ship.

  • Firing-Range; We can use our ship to see how well it works for combat (attack and defense). We choose a target ship, it resistances and weapons, and we have four IA options: A) Do Nothing/Stand still; B) Attack while standing still; C) Just evade/dodge; D) Full combat AI.

Well, that’s all. Feedback would be nice, and in case this was already proposed before, or at least partially, I apologize and beg to the moderators to close/lock the thread.

[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/20749-test-lobby/#entry213919](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20749-test-lobby/#entry213919)

[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/20749-test-lobby/#entry213919](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20749-test-lobby/#entry213919)

Well, that says a lot… Let’s hope this time things can be different.

Well, hope is the last thing I’ll lose xD I don’t see why they shouldn’t add this. 


I test a premium ship for free, I like it, I buy it.

Same with paintjobs, I test colors, I go to battle, I like them, I buy them…



Gaijin wants money or not?

What would be the highest level module you could get? Because Im impartial if someone gets all MkIVs for free

What would be the highest level module you could get? Because Im impartial if someone gets all MkIVs for free

I guess any rank, you know why? Because is a ship only available for testing, and once you finish testing it, it dissappear. You won’t be able to use it anywhere else, just in the testing module to satisfy your curiosity of how it’ll work with certain combinations. It’s like those “calculators” and “build makers” that you can find across internet for a lot of games, but our game doesn’t have any of those, ergo I proposed this.

Switching and updagrading modules right now is veeery expensive, this would help to save a lot of credits. Nice idea.

We really do need this. There have been far too many times I bought a weapon to test out, didn’t like it, sold it, and repeated the process 2 more times.


So many wasted credits.

You sold the weapons?  You never know when something will be buffed or nerfed.

When your inventory is full with other stuff and you’re just trying out Mk1 weps? Yes.