Tempest Passive Mode

I suggest a simple passive mode for the Tempest turret that makes it work much like the other turrets.

When passive, it should send out a missile or two every few seconds.

When active, it will work like it does now, then return to passive.

Take into account that tempest requires to be aimed. Its dmg is pretty high and has some guidence over targets. Hard thing is aiming them, therefore making them auto aim would make that a much more stronger module. I feel like the “death beam” would be in serious disadvantage against tempest.

I never said auto aim.

Why do people keep saying that I said things that I didn’t.

It would fire one I the direction that you were aiming on its own, if there was a target in range. Also, given that once to activate it, it is locked in place, I don’t see any problem.

Also the fact that you can’t lock them all to one target makes it even more viable. They kind of lock on their own.