"Tearable" Star Conflict Puns

Just thought I’d see what kind of puns the community can come up with relating to Star Conflict.


I’ll start things off:

>>“How do you pwn T3 n00bs?”

>>“You Nukem”



“How do you have a Detonation party??”

“You plan tit”


What’s the difference between a spark and a lightbringer?


The devs aren’t lying about the lightbringer’s bonuses.


“Ice Belt it all wrong”


“Ice Pit in your face”


“Ira deus you to pieces!!”


“What did the silent fox say?”


“Bear with me while I tackle this guy”


“What you are doing is illEagle-B!”




“Maul her”




“This is the Polus, you are under arrest!!”


“Stop Lion to me!”


“I found a Rock,well maybe it’s a stone”




“Goose cannon”


“Tor-pedo bear”



And the unavoidable:




What makes you have to go #2?


A Parallax-ative

“How do i get higher score in matches?”

“Get more effecient.”

this isn’t a pun but i do find it funny.


Only in star conflict is a huge gold nugget worth very little. 

Stark inflicts massive damage in Ironman. Maybe?

“How do you have a Detonation party??”

“You plan tit”

( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)

“Your name must be Tom, because you can’t kill a single Jerry.”

The Rockwell rocks well

The name’s Nina. Leo Nina.

I wanna waki your sashi.

this game is p2w

play 2 win


The wife beater of SC: the Torment-her

“styx together guys”