Team Deathmatch

I experience that all game modes includes a mission.


But i though this game was supposed to be a dogfighting game. All games includes beacons or planting bomb.


There is no Game Mode such as Team DeathMatch, (only Combat Recon) Also we can do a Deathmatch where you’re ship dont respawn if killed as in capture the beacon. 


This is mostly in everygame. The Team to reach 50 kills (first) or 30-40. is the winner. if the time runs out the team with the most kills win.


A Game Mode only focussed on Fighting off enemy players, I wanna shot enemies, i wanna get hit, i wanna try as best as i can to survive, i want them to fight me. i dont only want to do objectives and then win the match.  (Combat Recon is a good game mode cause you fight like a team) its slightly worse if not 12v12. 


Thoughs for map? i was thinking maybe something like a Blackwood (pve) sort of a map, Having some sort of ship but not able to go back at engines and make barrier for lame camping spots. having 2 sides fight and one destroyed dreadnought in the middle or so. 


Something like that, something new and different. i really get tired of asteroids kinda. why not include some Metal aswell?


Team DeathMatch = first team to 50 kills, ships respawn after death.   (if time runs out, team with most kills wins)

DeathMatch, = first team to kill off the other team without respawning ships after death. (if time runs out, team with most kills wins)


This will also increase your Skills in combat. 

It will come… no worries  :Dwop

One day… we will have this… and there will be blood.