team coordination

I’m wondering if there could be some more/better means of coordinating as a team, especially in “random” matches. Voice communication seems to make a major difference, especially when you’re in a ‘pug’ team getting matched against corp squads; which is a good sign, a proof that the game is well designed for teamwork. But I think there should be more/better in-game means to coordinate teamwork. Not everybody can get into teamspeak (/whatever), for various reasons (don’t have a microphone, being not-too-confortable with english language…), but I’m sure there are a lot of “pug” players who would be capable and willing to coordinate at best with their team, but have a rather hard time to read intentions or needs of the rest of the team. I know that’s usually my case.


The target-calling hotkey is very usefull for that. But I think it could be expanded, or enhanced. Although I’ve had matches where nobody uses it, and matches where others seem to absolutely ignore it, in which cases of course it’s hopeless. I’ve also seen matches where 3-4 people just spam it all over the place, which is rather chaotic when you do try to play as team and follow those. Could something be done to enhance this mechanic? Make it more usefull, more clear, easier to use and to manage?


  • More tags, linked to a hotkey: primary/secondary/tertiary targets; all-out attack, to the front, // regroup on me/captain; mark zone for support / front line / flankers…?

  • Hierarchizing the use of taggings: specific functions for command ships, or recons? Possibility to highlight for longer (~a minute) a zone around oneself, or around a ship, on the radar or on the global hud, possibility to visualize the area of influence of engies and commanders…?

  • possibility to do some team markings from the map, before the match or during it


I’m not sure what exactly could be done, of course it would have to be simple to use and clean/clear to visualize for others. Ideas?

Yeah, something that tf2 have would be cool, press a button, pop up a menu of simple and useful commands

  1. Voice Commands from First person shooter games come to mind :slight_smile:

“I need backup !” - “Follow Me” - “Fire In The Hole” but maybe make it SCon specific like “I need and Engineer !” or “HELPPP I have someone on my tail !”



  1. Temporary Squads (Yellow)

During map loading - maybe allow people not in squads to join one made up of ppl on his team.

Nothing special needed just a team-mate HUD color change to yellow. It’s more psychological than anything.


say in combat recon, captain chooses to go in squad A during ship pick phase before game starts. then a bunch of people jump into the same squad - this could signal that “I’m with you cap” - and those who dont intend to defend the cap can quickly see how many people are doing what etc. then a covops might jump into squad B and says he’s suiciding and a bunch other interceptors join him in that squad nothing more than to just signal they want to do the same etc.


ships in the same squad sees a yellow ping instead of red if it was made by their squaddies even … ?

and squads can ping allied ships in the same squad etc


just some random ideas

An expanded ping system is something I’d love to see too. Kine’s audio commands would be pretty sweet. I know sometimes I will mark a target just so my team is aware of it and not necessarily want an all out attack.


Longer lifetimes on those highlights is nice as well.

Dont forget GO! GO! GO! Or… The Bomb Has Been Planted!