Tarry Mine [Missile]

Name: Tarry Mine

Type: Long-range mine

Damage: 2,320/7,450 Kinetic

Explosion radius: 150m

Detection radius: 100m

Persistence: 120s

Flight speed: 2,250m/s

Range: 4,500m

Charges in cartridge: 6

Recharge: 8s

Cartridge reload time: 120s

Tooltip: Fires an unguided cartridge that deploys a delayed mine upon detonation. Once deployed, it explodes dealing small damage. 0.5s later it detonates again with more force.

There may or may not be a terribly scribbled example image attached depending on my internet.

The concept is cool, you need to be tactical to use it correctly. For example, you could go to a beacon and lunch the mine to another one, in order to guard it while you capture the other. 

…you could go to a beacon and lunch the mine to another one…







Oh damn it… 

Looks like it don’t have any downside (explosion radius maybe?) since it have both rockets damage and mines damage.

And for what class is it made? Interceptors, fighters, frigates?

Because it would be terribly OP with an ECM. Stun, throw a “mine”, baboom.