Targeting Ritical

ive been playing this game for about a week now, its very solid and fun. 


however ive run into a qwerk with the HUD


during the heat of combat, when lazers are flying everywhere and my ship is doing loops around another, it can sometimes be hard to find my cursor, or targeting ritical. its easy to see where you’re shooting wih lazer weaponry, but even then you can loose track as to where you’re shooting due to the amount of stuff going on. 


if i may make a sugestion, there was a game i played similar to this game, only it was an MMO. the developers shut the game down so it no longer exists, but for those who have played it, they know it as “Black Prophecy”. in BP, you were able to change the shape, size, and color of your targeting ritical. if you wished, it could be a simple red dot, or a large green skull. i think that in star conflict that will not only give the player a sense of ownership due to the customization of the HUD, but a way to identify your targeting cursor in the heat of battle, making acuaracy easier to achieve, especially with weapons that have high spread (and therfore require more persision, and would do the player bad if he lost track of his own cursor) 


just a small sugestion, hope someone sees this and implements this, or heck, any way to make the targeting retical a little easier to see, especially in the thick of a brawl. maybe make it thicker? 

thanks for taking the time to read this

already being discussed here [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19611-losing-track-of-your-aiming-reticle-make-it-more-noticable/)



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