Targeting Independence

We need an option to allow targeting with our mouse/camera movement to be independent of the ship’s movement. That way we can fire behind ourselves without making our ships fly in some silly loop. Mouse allows 3D movement, but there should be some way to allow independent movement.


Furthermore, I don’t understand the point of “expert” control mode. It’s less flexible than basic. It forces you to aim in a narrow cone in front of your ship.




Edit 1: Caplocks. That’s how you could do it.

there once was a mode which allowed you to move weapons and ship independantly…it was rejected in CBT since the ships did not have any weak spots…you were able to shoot through your own ships body…


the expert mode is for those speed and agility oriented players…if you would fly basic mode your ship starts spinning

Then add blind spots to weapons? Isn’t that the point of the belly of the ships?

there are blindspots -> the number of weapons which fire at the same time is reduced

I don’t understand what you mean.


I’m just saying it makes sense to move one direction and fire another direction. Pivot speed of guns is another area they could add in values for balance. (slower for Frigates, for example)

I think the original issue was that the turrets bugged out and could shoot through the pilot’s own ship. I suppose the idea of not having independent aiming is to make it harder for frigates to defend themselves. Face one head on and you’ll get buggered, as it should be, but a good pilot will hug their underbelly and stay out of their line of fire. Same applies with any ship I guess, they all need some sort of blindspot else ships with the biggest guns can dominate regardless of where their target is.