Target system/ Distance to Target / Nearest Enemy/ Needed

First many thanks for the new patch!!

I like very much the new “Chat context messages” -* is Great !! and improve the game play - really THANKS!




  1. Distance to Target in HUD  needed.

Many times when I flight an interceptor, My enemy is in my back  chasing me, I can´t see the distance to my enemy 

I need know the Distance to Target in HUD,  for run  and archive a successful escape.


  1. Lock any enemy -  is not useful  :sad:

Lock  nearest Enemy needed … and Is better than Lock any enemy  ;)wt

Lock  nearest Enemy, will save your life or for sure improve your killing spree .







To show the distance, press ‘v’

Target closest enemy is already available in the key bind settings. Just set it up to a convenient key

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

  1. To show the distance, press ‘v’

2) Target closest enemy is already available in the key bind settings


  1. :snowgirl:


If the enemy is at my back,  I cant see the distance in HUD,

 Press V only work if the enemy is in front of you!

I need see the distance in HUD  ,  if the enemy at my Six , and I must run away




  1. key bind settings…  :blink:


Target indication settings:


Lock target in crosshair

Lock any enemy

Lock Who´s locking you

Lock Ally´s taget

Cancel Lock


“closest enemy is already available in the key bind”    


Where ???   :mellow:



But… thanks !

ok, i didn’t understand you at first. 


And for (2), ok, my mistake. I was quite sure there was this function, i must be mistaken. 

No problem ,  thanks for answer 




Key bind settings does not have target closest enemy. Other space-themed games I’ve played have this option, it would be very nice to have this in the game :smiley:



Isn’t target closest enemy “T”?

Would be usefull to display distance to locked target at the top left corner where you also can see it. That could also help to know distance from ‘bubble’ jericho interceptor, and fregat currently using pulsar, while moving away from it.