Target Practice

There should be a little button in the hangar near customization that throws you in to a completely blank world with no intense textures so you can test out builds and ships. It should have a line of stationary and moving objects that have set values for health such as 1,000-10,000-100,000-1,000,000 health etc. There should also be shielded structures to test out shield sucking weapons/modules and shield bypassing things.


All structures should be treated like ships in the sense that all items and weapons and effects can be placed on them. Pyro should work. Command shield sucker should work. Damage auras should work. Everything.

Like a place where u can test builds?

2 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

Like a place where u can test builds?

Quickly. And without timers or queues or risk of intervention.


THere should also be turrets with very close range that deal different damage to test regen/resi/etc builds.

Also one where you can setup a bot using whatever ship and weapons you want to shoot at you the whole time, ofc I do all of this in a custom pvp with bots anyway so its exactly the same thing in my thinking.

There should also be the option to have a “spam engineer” follow you around with all auras and eclipse.