"Target Most Dangerous" Keybind

It would be useful to have a keybind that locks on to the “most dangerous” enemy.  This pilot has generated the most effectiveness points for their team through damaging your ship, debuffing you, etc. in the last “X” amount of seconds.  Initially, I considered within the last 5 seconds, but that might be too short to suggest which enemy is most devoted to wreaking havoc on your ship;  Perhaps 10 or more seconds.  The keypress would signal the game to recognize the most likely threat to your ship in a fairly accurate way.



Dora Dora Dora the explora. Dah dah dah da dah explora Dora. Grab your backpack! Let’s go! You can lead the way! Duh dah Dora! Duh dah dora! Swiper no swiping! Swiped no swiping! Aww man. DORA THE EXPLORA!




Sounds like a good idea. 

Configurable targeting.
Most dangerous for you can be Cov Ops, For me ECM.

Just give us option on button to target nearest X Y and Z.
I can configure it ECM, Cov Ops, Tackler. You can configure it Engineer,Command,Gunship. 
Whoever how it likes it.

For example when flying tackler I do not bother with frigates when interceptors are flying around. Unless the frigate is pinged for focus fire.
So, I want my random targeting to target mostly interceptors.


Played another game called The Tomorrow War, which is a space sim.  They had a keybind “Target Closest Attacking Enemy” and it’s handy as ****.