Target allies with 'Eclipse' Launcher

If you are not willing to expel drones to heal team mates don’t pilot a ship designed to heal team mates, and then complain about noting being able to heal good enough?!


Then I can fly circles within 3100Ms of your ship.


  :01414:   Sorry if I don’t fit your standards of a engi Pilot even though I may have 3X the number of battles.


By the way … I always carry 3 modules Hull, Shield and Energy plus and additional HULL station.   Being they are all purple and if you are anywhere within the 3100m range you are getting healed.  Drones on the other hand… are for self-preservation and to heal IMO squad mates and to CAPTS that are in immediate need.   As been pointed out… if you are in dire straits… stick you behind close as possible within range.      


  I dang sure was not complaining about being able to heal good enough.  I was complaining about the KNOB folks that can’t tell the difference that they are being healed.  

If you are trying to heal an inti in a dogfight, shoot their enemy. The eclipse heals up to 400m radius so you will heal them at least some of the time!