Targem [Module]

Name: Targem

Type: Multipurpose Interceptor Module

Ranks: 6-15

Recharge: 10s

Energy: 150pts

Tooltip: Creates a small solid barrier that the user can aim with the cursor. If a target is locked when the module is activated. The shield will always face that target. The shield lasts 7 seconds.

Sounds ok to me.

No thanks. The only way to kill interceptors would be with bubbles or eclipse launchers then…

11 minutes ago, millanbel said:

No thanks. The only way to kill interceptors would be with bubbles or eclipse launchers then…

Or literally any explosive, which is the majority of secondary weapons as well as a hefty portion of primaries, including Phase Suppressor.


Or, you know, two attackers. Teamwork is OP tho lol.

You want to make a tank module for a squishy interceptor? And even more broken then the static shield of destroyers because follow the target? 

Sounds really bad for me.

And here I thought this was a joke since it’s so hilariously broken even compared to the other concepts by Fox…

Karud with this module in addition to Shield Seal and Shield Booster could spin in front of a group of frigates as long as the player’s fingers can last.

So you want to have to kill interceptors with slow explosive weapons…that’s what guass, lasers, positron are for. To hit fast targets. Phaser too but that goes through solid active objects doesn’t it?

Yeah no this idea was sort of just an idea to counter Thi’lith because someone wanted it. Meh.

or could be balanced by cap size: the bigger, the more it tanks. Same functioning as multiphase, but directional, not dependant on shield volume and greatly effective against non explosive/piercing weaponry.

This could be quite nice, but i would prefer it to only follow your cursor.

EDIT: i thought this was a multipurpose for all ships…it would make more sense making it available for every ship.

Maybe not for all interceptors. ECM are already pretty good, recon may need some buff. Also I’m not sure about possibility of solid structure of this shield.

8 hours ago, CinnamonFake said:

recon may need some buff



55 minutes ago, millanbel said:



Recon has needed a buff for quite some time. Their only redeeming factors are warp and ML.

So, you think Phase Modulator, Spy Drones, and Parasitic Remodulator are somehow weak?