tacklers vs ecm

when you use ecm vs guards and guards has their emergency shield or hull “liquid” heal on. and you get ecm’d it will automatically turn those off,

same if you are healer, it will turn ur modules of and you would need to put them back on.


but if a tackler slows me down by taking my afterburner and i ecm him, the module is still active.


and if you use Camo on cov ops the module can be easily cancelled if you click it twice, should not be happning when the module does not drain energy.

scattering field wont turn off if you click it double.

but doubleclicking camo really is annoying. if you need to get visible again you can simply shot or use a module “except healing”


and if a recon drains your shield and you go into metastable “main ability on ecm” the recon will continue to regen its shield but the ecm wont lose any shield



I will second the repressing turns off Adaptive Camo.

I haven’t seen it, though if the recon ship is able to gain shield via a ‘is it call parasidic modulator?’ through a metastable shield, I will second that also.

I don’t think Stasis Emmiter & Ion Emmiter stop modules already activated.

White noise & Adaptive Camo are what are needed vs tacklers. A ship needs to counter the ECM.

Course white noise and camo are good vs ECM also…

White noise is the counter to ECM. He needs to be able to target to use mods. No target lock = useless ECM.