Tackler Invisibilty Toggling

So there’s been a handful of times now that this has happened: You get energy drained in a tackler, you’re being focused, so you’re spamming the invisibility button in hopes that you’ll get enough energy to cloak before you die. Except you spam it so much, that you do cloak, and then tap it again right away and hitting F again pulls you right back out from invisibility. Then you die because it’s back on cooldown.


Maybe just add a 1-2 sec period where tapping F again doesn’t remove you from invisibility, or just remove the toggling aspect altogether. It’s easy enough to just shoot one time to pull yourself out if you really need to.



same with modules aswell! i hate pressing it twice and then die because i turned it off again and needs to wait for cooldown. 

Tapping F again shouldnt get you out of invisibility even if its near the end of it’s effect. The same thing happens with the rest of hiding mods.

The same thing happens with the rest of hiding mods.

This also, especially on a guard.

This also, especially on a guard.

Wut? xd

So thats why guards dissapear sometimes behind obstancle even 1km away?

Wut? xd

If you’re low on energy dealing with phase shield or an ECM and you try to activate your self heals, which can be canceled, you might only get a second of healing by mistake.


I must have misread your hiding for healing.

I must have misread your hiding for healing.

Most likely. And you have a valid point on that about guards.

emergency shield is a pain in the as’s to cancel right away when used. it stands on for 20 seconds. if you push it too fast it goes on and off, just like on every other module. 


will get fixed by putting a 1-2 seconds toggle delay after modules activated i hope. 

One thing the devs need to consider is ping times.  If you’re button mashing under high ping the server will get multiple key presses before you get the reply from the server.

Invisibility have an Internal “Un-removable” Cooldown of 2 or 3 Seconds. Even if you take dammages, you stay invisible during this time.


If after this 2-3 seconds you still take dammage, GOODBYE INVISIBILITY !

Also, we have to take into account the possibles packet losses, inputs might get delayed to hell, an afterburner turning on for example, a quick turn to the left, and all other things that can screw your life very easily.