Tacker missile slot proposal: "Birdcage" Drones



Since the tacklers have been light ships counters since this game started, the slowing missiles they throw are good but current interceptor modules can deal great damage to tacklers, so I thought, ¿What about a tackler version of the Micro Locator on the missile slot?


The “Birdcage” drones are basically a non-guided missile that, more or less like the Anomaly Generator of guards, you choose when it explodes. Once it does, it generates a drone (invisible to radar else it’ll be spot miles away and It’ld be useless) that’ll trap all ships inside its effect radius, the trapped ships can still move but they can’t leave the area until the drone is destroyed. A recon may deploy its micro locator to spot where the birdcage drone is placed and destroy it faster.  


This drone is more powerful than missiles when slowing down ships, but it doesn’t deal any damage.


Please leave a comment with you opinions, thx

The entrapment radius must be visible though, or else this might be a little too OP. Though I like the idea.

Tai’kin moonwalking out of trap goes here.

6 minutes ago, Elusif said:

Tai’kin moonwalking out of trap goes here.

“Also disables Tai’Kin special module”

Speaking on Tai’kin countering, I thought of a new Guard module that when activated brings ALL homing projectiles to it and while its activated makes the guard ships resistance to ALL damage types rise ~100 pts. This includes the beamer balls of death.


Also the beamer balls of death seem to be bugged. If you are locked on a target that is way to far away to even hit then at some point the balls start going in the opposite direction for some reason.


Another thing is that the Tai’kin spec mod to thrust forward 5km, or whatever it is, should be more like the reverse thrusters on lrf, meaning that instead of crashing into an asteroid due to high ping you just stop there, again like the revers thrusters. Not everyone has super low ping.


If anyone thinks these ideas are worthy of having there own thread then feel free to do it.


Excellent idea everyone, now, let’s make it have an absolutely massive radius and be invisible, and then make sure one component of the missile is a monocrystal.