T4-T5 Destructor beam

Dear devs,


some patches ago you reduced the effect range of the destructor beam and increased damage to compensate that. Why? Because capping a beacon was impossible when it was being hit by a destructor beam.


Your changes actualy made it even harder, more so impossible, to cap a beacon, the big difference is now that you also die within 5 seconds because of the increased damage.

So T4 is now filled with Aces in guards, shooting beacons with destructor beams.


Even so, the destructor beam is also absurdly overpowered in regular battle. Certainly with the premium guard ships with 3 CPU slots, It melts all ships away in second from 7000 meters away. Joy…

I dont know if this was a intended advantage you wanted to give to the premium ship owners but it ruines T4 balance.

There are a lot of balancing issues since the last 2 patches and before that, I chose this from amongst them in the hopes you might actualy read this, test this and come to the same conclusion. I do hope you hurry up so i can actualy play T4 again in the near future.




Long range destructors are quite annoying as they do more damage than beam especially against frigates, but can also kill interceptors due to the after effect. I think it ca be balanced, but defending a beacon should consist of hitting targets rather than just shooting the beacon - this way you need to actually aim at something and the AoE can then prevent ships in vicinity from capturing. I think the damage could be tone ddown a little, perhaps the base damage while the AoE damage is the same.

I’ve had this issue with the Destructor. All I have to say on this case is, yes it’s annoying to have something that fires and destroys you within seconds… Yes it’s strong… But all I have to say is, it’d be even better if the heating rate was serious.

I like the current dmg of destructor, i also like the option to shoot a beacon and dmg nearby ships (maybe i would like it would also work like coils dealing area dmg near what you hit, even if its a wall), but i totally think that area of dmg is way too big: i think 400m would be a nice balance (matching EM torps), since 600m is way too much.