T4 Ship modification

Just due to the nature of the ship itself and the way it is used with modules, I believe a single shield mod slot would be beneficial for the Tier 4 ship “Loki”. For miscellaneous purposes, of course.

Yes, and more hull would be also beneficial, as well as more capacitors, but the ship already has the maximum amount of passive slots. 

Well ofc I mean replacing another slot. Something less used, like a spare engine slot or something. It’s a command, so it just needs to stay -around- the team, not necessarily rushing ahead.

Why don’t you use the Spartacus then? It has 1 less Engine and your precious Shield slot there…


Loki is not meant to be an ordinary support command that stays around the team. In fact if you cared to look at the passive bonuses and slot layout you would see that it’s one of those ships who rush ahead.

Lol. Okay then. I still think it’d work better though.

Maybe for you. Other people would like to keep the three Engines. Others would like an extra Hull and so on… 

isn’t the loki basically just a big scary intie?