T15 Destroyer co-designed by all three major factions

Hi my Idea is there should be a Destroyer which can be manufactured by Players who have access to T15 and must have a least one of each factions Destroyers like I have a Procyon at the moment and am working toward the others. So I started thinking why not have one that is not like the others. my Idea consists of Destroyer which was co-developed by all three and has Alien technology like it has the ability to generate its own Alien rift to help get around in open space and has a few new weapons which will help in spec-ops like its own torps heavy weapons which no one has seen with the ability to carry one that are already in the game. I also thought about letting one fighter or frigate be able to be carried on the ship. The image I have posted is my Idea of what the ship could look like.


This is everything that I want right now: A non-factioned alien destroyer.