System Hack [Module]

Old suggestion that kosty didn’t like (not unusual):

Yes, it already exists, but at the moment it is a bit too much of a “mash the button and hope you catch something” feature. I propose a way to make it more of an “active” module.

It would require locking on to a player’s ship before activating. Upon use, it would replace the user’s missile and active module slots with the target’s missiles and modules and gives the user full control to launch missiles and use modules for about 2 seconds, or only one module use. The module used or the missiles fired would be under the user’s control and benefit the user’s team.

New suggestion:

Name: Neodium Resonator

Type: Crafted Multipurpose Active Module

Ranks: 8-14

Cooldown: 45s

Energy: 250

Range: 2,500m

Projectile Speed: 950m/s

Damage: 1,500 EM

Tooltip: Fires a bolt of specially formed energy that resonates with Neodium structures. If it hits a structure made with Neodium (Destroyers), it will cause the metal to vibrate at a frequency that will cause one of its modules to fire off on its own. The resonation also desynchronises the friend-or-foe module, so the misfired module can damage the destroyer’s allies.

if you are incapable of being aware of objects within 1500m from you, does not mean others can not. Hack is good right where it is.

Still. Imagine latching on to a destroyer and firing off its pyro in to its team. Or rather it’s black hole generator. >:3


You leave me no choice but to modify the suggestion to something completely better.

…to something completely better.

It still comes from you, so yeah…

It still comes from you, so yeah…

Golly gosh! Kosty secretly thinks that all my ideas are completely the best! X3


I liked it. A berserk mode.