Swaping Tank Emp/Fed

I feed the tank should be swapped from Fed, and empire.

it does not make sense for a race built on speed to be tanking with armor ( A heavy, slow ship) its contradicting.

also feds take more of a beating so they need more tank. this will help both sides a lot.

Its better that empire is shield tank, and federation is armor.

this would bring the tried race balance to fall: empire is slow but heavy armored, federation is fast but a easy kill and jericho is the shield faction … i wouldn’t change anything at this point

actually if empire went to shields, the speed and regenerative shielding would complement each other.

empire should be decloak fire fire, something is really hurt, if its not running away it should be jericho, and if its jericho, they should have a nice little battle, but ultimately after 20-30seconds of fire, the feds should recloak and try to hit again after some healing is done.

since empire is m obile with regen shielding, it will allow them to harass the capture points of the slow jericho

everthing turns out balanced.

this is not about balance: it’s about what defines the factions … the feds like luxury so they have fast ships for fast traveling, empire protects earth so they have ultra enduring ships, jericho is tech oriented and so they got stronger shields…

as i said - no balance issue, it is an cosmetic aspect

by the way: you post quite a lot in the suggestions section…i like your attempt to improve the game but the devs probably got an idea or two…

yep, and thats why i said, it makes no sense for feds having armor tank, when they are speed based… Armor tanking is superior to shield tanking, or atleast is in any other game like this. besides, it will have to go that way to make armor tanking viable in this game, so you have feds, who are ultra fast, with the best tank, its a bit silly, not to mention the whole, armor weighs down speed bit.

its better to have it so that

Fed = Regeneration tank

Empire = Armor tanks

Jeri=High resistance active shield tanks.

well something like that anyways.