SuperHacker [Module]

Name: Super Hacker

Type: Multipurpose module that can be fit on to any ship because someone can’t get it through their thick skull that ‘multipurpose’ means it can be used on anything ffs get it together man

Ranks: 1-15 (all of 'em)

Cooldown: 1s

Energy: 100en

Tooltip: When used, it will hire a hacker who “knows code” to take control of the enemy team’s computers and force them all to self-destruct until the match is over.

Just in case you dolts haven’t picked up on it yet, this is a joke. Don’t take this seriously.

You forgot the sarcasm font

It’s officially confirmed that all of Fox suggestions are jokes.

This module needs something else. It takes control of the screen meanwhile the battle is not finished and it starts a pong game.


And multipurpose is multipurpose. I didn’t answer that post because it was driving the topic oft topic.

I’m ok with this module, however it should only be effective against LRFs in my opinion. It would be OP otherwise.

You can also make the target ship to become berserk with all modules being used continually depleting your energy, overcharging the main weapon firing allies and enemies. And with the HUD showing all ships as enemies.


Perfect against destroyers.