Super excited for ship paint customization, but what's this...?

Whose brilliant idea was it to make the paint customizations temporary? I was more than willing to dump tens of dollars into tweaking the paint jobs of all my ships, but I’m not going to go through the effort and expense of customizing every ship in my garage only to have all my work undone in 24 hours or 1 week, not to mention at the ludicrous prices they’re charging: 420GS/week to change all 3 ship colors, or more than $5/month just to keep ONE SHIP’S appearance customized. Considering that the previous price of a PERMANENT sticker was only about 150GS maximum, and this feels like extortion. Oh, and by the way, now you can no longer buy permanent stickers either…but you can now pick up a temporary 1 week emblem for what the previously permanent stickers cost. *sigh*

If customizing your ship’s paint job was permanent, I would’ve happily spent ~120GS per color for all of my ships. I probably would’ve ended up buying AT LEAST the 6000GS pack for $20 USD just to personalize my garage. I literally had my wallet open and ready to give Gaijin my money, but then they had to pull this crap. I swear, it’s like the marketing guys at Gaijin have no idea how to make money. If sales of your exorbitantly-priced cosmetic items aren’t enough to your liking, the solution is to lower the prices and increase the incentive to tempt gamers into opening their wallets, not jack up the prices while simultaneously decreasing the value of your content by making everything temporary.

Give us the option to purchase PERMANENT paint customizations for a REASONABLE price, and you’ll get my money. Continue trying to screw me over like this and you won’t see a single cent.

have the same feeling… this is just money-suck-machine. and hell no, even I had my wallet open but it was closed immediately after I saw “for 24 hrs/week”

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